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There is a story, ĒThe Power of Kindness", going around the internet of two young men who in their own way helped to save the world. One was a very rich manís son who fell into a bog. His screams for help were heard by a poor farmer who put himself into harms way to save the youth.

The boy made his way home and told his father of his good fortune to be alive. His father the next day went to thank the farmer offering him a reward for the good deed. The poor farmer refused the money stating that it was reward enough that he had saved a young manís life.

The farmerís son appeared on the scene and the rich man offered to pay for his education through Medical School. The boy became a bacteriologist/inventor who was interested in research.

Many years later the rich manís son was afflicted with pneumonia which was a life threatening illness. The poor manís son had discovered the wonder drug, Penicillin, which saved the life of the rich manís son once again.

Let me introduce you to the rest of the story. The poor manís son was Sir Alexander Fleming whose discovery of penicillin saved millions of lives. The rich man was purported to be Lord Randolph Churchill whose son Winston Churchill went on to become the Prime Minister of England during the Second World War. He along with President Franklin Roosevelt probably saved the free world from the infamous Third Reich.

The Talmud tell us that: ďTo save one person is to save the whole world.Ē

We have to wonder at the loss to humanity if Hugh Fleming, the poor farmer, had ignored the calls for help not wanting to risk his life to save a strangerís son?

We all have the opportunity to make a difference when we perceive need in our society.

Len Lesser

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