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With all of the negativity regarding nursing homes lately I felt the need to rewrite a column I wrote for the Londoner.

The Dearness Home celebrated it’s fiftieth-seventh birthday on June 24th/09. There are 344 full time residents along with 25 day visitors.

Three hundred well trained staff: Nurses, Dieticians, Cooks, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Activity Directors, Janitors, Health Care Workers
are responsible for the physical and emotional needs of the seniors. Care is provided twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Many of the staff have worked at the home for over 20 years following in the paths of their own parents.

An amazing four hundred volunteers graciously give of their time to provide programming for the residents.
The residents have a full social program: shopping trips, seasonal bus trips, bingo, walks, choir, aerobics, socials, bible studies, swimming, library services and surfing the net.

Linda took me on a tour of the building to see the auditorium, “Kosy Corner Tea Room, hair salon, chapel and the main dining room.

Check out the menu posted for Friday. There are two choices of entrees with every meal. For supper: “Baked fish, Parslied Boiled Potatoes, Carrot Coins, Rice and Raisin Pudding OR Shepherd’s Pie, Cauliflower and Pears” Sounds good to me. My wife, Ella, never even offers me choices of leftovers.

In between meals the residents have three snacks a day: muffins, cookies, juice delivered right to their wing.
The rooms are tastefully decorated by the residents with each room having a home like atmosphere.

There wasn’t a hint of a hospital. The new facilities have nine self contained units with bedrooms/ensuites, balconies, conditioned air.

I have left the best introduction for last. I had the pleasure to meet Bessie, Sarah MacPherson. She is a 97 year old(young women) of Scottish/Irish heritage who has lived at the Dearness for five years. Bessie enjoys the friendly compassionate care were the staff is on a first name basis. They take the time to greet you with a smile to brighten your day with wishes for a good morning.

Sarah is very proud that: “she tries every day to contribute to the well being of her fellow man.”

The Dearness Home is a comforting, warm caring residence for those who can not care of themselves. There is a focus on maintaining a sense of consensus with the resident that ensures accountability. There is no need to fear growing old.
All of the Dearness residents are treated with dignity, respect and compassion. Guaranteed.

Len Lesser

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