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Did you know that each day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer? Ten thousand children will lose their hair in Canada this year to the ravages of cancer treatments, burns, accidents or alopecia.

The Child’s Voice Foundation has an “Angel Hair for Kids” program that provides human hair for children from financially disadvantaged homes. The majority have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy/radiation treatments.

My daughter, Sarah, called me when she came back from Oochigeas a summer camp for children who were undergoing Cancer treatment. Many of the youngsters as a result of the chemo had lost their hair. Sarah decided that she could help by donating ten inches of her beautiful ponytail.

I wanted to learn more. I called 1-888-837-3354 & checked the web site of Roslyn Yearwood, the Executive Director of the Child’s Voice Foundation, www.achildsvoicefoundation.com.

When children lose their hair, whether as a result of medical treatments, health conditions or accidents they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self image and sabotage their self-esteem.

Being a youngster who has lost his or her hair can be devastating when you want to be accepted by your peers.
It takes 10-15 pony tails to make one wig for a youngster. The usual cost of a human hair wig is $1,500-$3,000.
Last year 25 children were provided with beautiful wigs free of charge. There are at present six youngsters on the wait list.

Here is how it works. There is a referral process whereby doctors, hospitals social workers refer children who are in need. Amelia Ruggiero of Truly Wigs Boutique volunteers her time to visit hospitals to help co-ordinate the matching of the wigs to the children’s hair colour & styling.

None of the employees or directors of the foundation receives any financial benefits from supplying or fitting services provided through the hair replacement program.

There are some very simple guidelines to being able to donate your hair to the kids:

1. Hair can not have been permed or permanently colour-treated including highlights.
2. Please ensure that your hair has been washed before it is cut. Please keep it dry throughout.
3. The hair must be 10" in length at the minimum.
4. Pull curly hair straight to measure during cutting procedure.
5. At hair cutting time, please braid the hair (simple and not tight) so that the hair stays firmly together. Make sure that the cut is made above the hair binding. Secure the ponytails at both ends with a rubber band.
5. Hair can be cut at your local salon or by a person familiar with hair styling.
6. Place in a mailer envelope.
7. Mail the hair to A Child’s Voice Foundation , Angel Hair for Kids Program 3034 Palstan Road #305. Mississauga Ont. L4Y 2Z6.

You too can make a difference in the lives of children. Lori and Kevin Reif emailed me that their daughter, Riley a six year old, wanted to donate her hair for her birthday present to Angel Hair for Kids. She has raised over $2,000 to be given to Canadian Cancer Society.

Thanks for making kids come first.

Len Lesser

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