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For the past few weeks I have heard from some of my clients who have had to rethink keeping their appointments. Dad/mom have been down-sized or lost their jobs because of the poor economic environment we have in Ontario.

Many people who made a good honest living working in the manufacturing sector have seen the loss of good paying jobs. They hoped to be gainfully employed until they reached retirement age. Many company pensions, benefits are now suspect with no guarantee that the funds will be there when they are needed. I fear that it will be a very tough winter for many good people.

Last week a mother called me to tell me that her husband had been let go without receiving a severance check to tide them over to he could receive his first Unemployment Insurance check. They were looking at selling their family home and moving the family of four into a two bedroom rented apartment.

She apologized that she would have to cancel the counseling appointments for her daughter that she had made two months ago. I explained to the mom that I did not work with families to make money. Those of you who have seen me I hope know that I thoroughly enjoy my work. To be able to provide feed-back and important career direction is very enjoyable.

The mother and I made a deal where she would keep her daughter’s appointments and place her cheque that she could afford in a sealed envelope at the end of our summation interview.

A students future career/education aspirations should not be jeopardized because of a lack of funds.

If you happen to know someone who is need of my counseling and because of circumstances beyond their control can’t afford my fees please have them drop me an e mail lenlesser@hotmail.com or simply phone me (519-268-1049) to arrange an appointment.

I am sending out my offer into cyberspace hoping that you who read my report will pass on my message. My father taught me, ‘that what goes around comes around.’ So many of you have been very kind to me over the years trusting me to provide counseling for your families. It is my time to give back to those in need of little help.

Len Lesser

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