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The Farmers market this Saturday, May 5th , now includes for your shopping pleasure twenty-five local farmers selling their home grown products direct from their gardens/orchards to you.

Wim Overbeek and his four sons Daniel, Derek, Walter and Gary promise to be on site to welcome you to their family market. The new outdoor market will be open from seven to three every Saturday, rain or shine up to and including Thanksgiving Day.

In April/May fresh picked Asparagus will be on sale for your dinning delight .A wide selection of Spring plants will be available for your garden just in time for the May 24 planting season.

Fresh strawberries will be available in June for you to make oodles of bottles of Jam that should last you the whole Winter. Locally grown corn in July and an abundance of delicious peaches, cherries and apples lasting into the Fall will be available every Saturday.

There are three full service meat retailers offering up delicious European specialities of Dutch, German and Portuguese beef, pork and poultry.

To sweeten up your morning breakfast pancakes you can purchase locally grown honey and maple syrup on site.
My favourite pie man, Al Shut has a wide variety of home made delicious pina coslada, apple and strawberry-rhubarb pies.

To help garnish your pie selections there are two cheese vendors with a wide selection of local and offshore selections.

Locally grown mushrooms, herbs and fresh eggs are available.

There are two general bakeries and three pastry outlets to help you entertain your Sunday guests for tea. You won’t have to worry about gaining weight with any of the delicious deserts as long as you remember to chew and not swallow.

For those of you that arrive at the market hungry there is a restaurant offering up hardy breakfasts and lunch selections.

To ensure maximum customer comfort the entire building is smoke free with a paved parking lot that can hold 3000 cars.

You can access the second floor via an elevator to browse through a wide selection of homemade crafts, candles and quilting supplies.

Wim makes this promise to Londoners: ‘The new market guarantees quality and good service where people can shop at reasonable prices with a sense of trust.”

The outdoor London farmer’s market opens May 5th. To celebrate the opening they are giving away one thousand reusable shopping bags to those who mention that they saw the column/add in the London Community Advocate.

Len Lesser

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