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The month of December is filled with many festive holidays for our families to celebrate. Hanukkahís first evening falls on December 12th with the lighting of a rainbow of colorful candles for eight nights. Christmas eve this year falls on Thursday: a four day holiday for family and friends to be together.

It is all about giving thanks. Try to remember to take some time to thoroughly enjoy the chance to leave the busy turmoil of your life and just relax. Donít worry about having to shop for the perfect present for children.
There isnít one. You can spend many dollars on an expensive present to find that the cardboard box is more intriguing to your son/daughter then the expensive gadget you purchased.

There is the story of two children: one was an optimistic and the other a pessimist. The parents went to the child psychologist, Dr Phills, before they went shopping.
He counseled the parents as follows: to try and make the pessimist happy purchase the most expensive toys and for the optimist a pile of horse manure would suffice. The pessimist opened the presents and cried that she was not happy and the optimist gleefully enjoyed the site/smell of the manure. Thanks mom/dad the happy child laughed: where there is a pile of horse manure there had to be a pony somewhere that she could enjoy.

Please folks try and take the time to teach your children that it is not the amount of the purchase that matters: it is the thought that you are appreciated and loved by your family and friends. The holiday season should be about giving and thanking the Almighty for your good fortune.

When my youngsters were teens we contributed our holiday gift money that we going to spend on ourselves to the Marconi club. Men/women and their young children who could not afford a Christmas meal lined up in the cold.

Every child was given a present to take home. My children helped to serve the guests: they learned that the holidays were not about receiving presents. Making a difference to someone in need is what counted.

Happy holidays to all from Len/Ella Lesser.

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Len Lesser

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