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We have all watched the devastated people having to deal with yet another horrible disaster. The capital city of Porte au Prince has been left in utter ruin with thousands of dead buried under tons of concrete. It has been three days after the quake and while help is on the way the vast majority of people have been left without shelter from the 35 degree heat. Precious water/food/medicine is in short supply. The people can try and stay alive and pray that help is on the way and their lives will be spared.

We in Canada have been most fortunate to live in a well-off country with an abundance of good food/water and health care when needed. One does not plan where we are born. But for the sake of God we too could have been born into adversity with little chance at a good life.

It is time for all of us to say thanks and help others who are in dire need. When I wrote my column for the Londoner I interviewed Jimmy Agathos who taught me the meaning of giving. When he immigrated to Canada he found himself all alone in the cold without a coat at the dock in Halifax. A caring stranger took the time to stop and inquire of his well-being. To Jimmyís utter amazement the stranger took off his leather coat and placed it around his shoulders.
Jimmy asked the stranger his name and address offering to pay for the coat when he was settled. The stranger told Jimmy that it was not that easy. He expected Jimmy when he saw a person in need to give him/her his coat.

Canada is a country of immigrants who have found refuge in a safe harbour where we care about the welfare of others.
We have a psychic scar of what might have been our lot in life had been in harms way without anyone to help.

It is time to reflect on what has happened to the poor people of Haiti and then do something. Please take the time to share by calling The Canadian Red Cross/ Salvation Army to pledge your support.

May God bless/help the people of Haiti

Len Lesser

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