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We Canadians have had a wonderful 2010 Olympics that should stay in our memory for many years. It took years of very hard work by thousands of Canadians to show the world that we too could be a world class event.

The opening evening proceedings showed the vast culture/diversity of our people. We showcased our music talent from performers from coast to coast. Our First Nation people danced up a storm. Athletes came from near and far to compete in winter sports.

We set the bar very high for our athletes “To Own the Podium” to win the gold medal that is the ultimate goal in athletics. The games had all of the attributes of a Shakespearean agony & ecstasy drama.

Tragically a young athlete, Kodar Kumaritashvucus in a practice skeleton sleigh run was killed before the games began. His teammates carried their Georgian flag with pride in the opening ceremony with black arm bands around their arms. They honoured their comrade but did not compete in the games.

All of our athletes did us proud with personal best performances with world class athletes. Many had trained for many years to have the privilege to represent their country. For a very few of the athletes there might be financial reward when they lend their name to a product. For the vast majority there is no financial reward. They will take away the pride and the fulfillment of a dream of a life-time.

Canadian athletes won 26 medals with 14 of them Gold. The most won by a host nation in the Olympics.

When you compete in world class sporting events injury along with the pain of surgery and rehab are part of the game. You learn to suck-it-up and to get back in form to compete. London’s own ice dance skater, Tessa Virtue, had painful shin spilt surgery to be able to continue competing.

Athlete’s families learn the price of supporting their children. It takes a lot of money to hire coaches and pay for the travel expenses that goes along with competing on the world stage. Parent give of themselves with copious amounts of time and emotions. Who could forget Joanne Rochette’s stressed out mother who died of a heart attack shortly after flying to Vancouver.

Canadians who didn’t have the money/time to travel to see the games glued themselves to the television cheering on their favourite athletes/teams.

Filmmakers could not have written a better script scenario for the end of the games on Sunday. Canada vs US of A hockey in a sudden death winner take all game. Sidney Crosby, the Captain of Canada’s hockey team, a 21 year old from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, scored the winning goal, 3: 2 in overtime.

It doesn’t get any better then that. We Canadians have earned the right to be very proud of our accomplishments in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The players are wonderful role models for our young people to emulate.

Len Lesser

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