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Of late I have noticed that I am losing my hair. Actually I am not losing. Iím saving them; every morning after showering and brushing my gray strands are still in my brush.

When my barber, Angelo, cuts my hair I always remind him to glue the excess back onto my receding hairline.
Take a look around the gym and you will see many young/ middle-aged men with bowling ball craniums. Some pretend to be athletes, movie stars a la Yul Bryner from the King and I or basketball star Michael Jordan.

You have to question if they are balding or wanting to appear chic to their girl friends.

It seems that hair loss affects men and women but male baldness is more common. Ninety-five per cent of hair loss is inherited. Check out your parent Ďs photo album; if your momís dad was kind of thin on top then his grandson, you,, have a very excellent chance of keeping the glare alive.

The chance of men being bald is about the same percent of their age. At 40 you have 40% chance.
The medical term for inherited male baldness is androgenetic alopecia. In men it is called male pattern baldness and in time it progresses to the familiar horse shoe pattern.

You readers know that I always look for solutions to many of the problems that plague mankind. Here is what I found out in London to help us macho men with our dilemma.

We definitely have choices. How about the old stand by - a hair replacement toupe affectionately known as the rug. After lots of measuring you wait a couple of weeks for the Donald Trump look alike to arrive. The hair piece is held on with two way surgical tape to your scalp. No worry about embarrassing moments in the pool or shower. You can even practice diving off the three meter board or driving your convertible in a wind storm. For only $800.you can restore your teen age idol image.

Hair transplants are done under the auspices of a medical doctor. Hair is surgically removed (cut) from the back of the head in between your ears. You are left with a smiling face scar. Not to worry everything is done under a local anaesthetic. Grafts are cut into slits that are re inserted back into your bald spot. It takes approximately five hours, all in one setting, to accomplish the new (old) you. To resurface the crown you will need 6,500 strands. To cover my bald spot will set me back $7,000.

There are non prescription topical medications such as Hair Grow, Rogain that you can apply to your scalp to help stimulate peach fuzz hair growth that you must continue to apply daily. The cost per month ranges between $39.99- $54.99.

I decided to have a health healing practitioner attend to my dilemma. He rubbed copious amounts of smelly, sticky ointment onto my pate to help stimulate hair growth. All to no avail.

My wife, Ella, asked me what the doctor looked like. I told her he had a receding hair line. Good, she laughed you are going to get help for your bare spot from a totally bald hustler.

A good sense of humor is probably the best cure for a manís bald physical challenges.

Len Lesser

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