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Ella and I just got back from Toronto after being introduced to our brand new granddaughter Georgia who came into the world on April 22. Not wanting to be a late bloomer she decided to come a week early to enjoy the warm Spring weather.

Georgia tipped the scales at an amazing eight pounds six ounces and is one contented baby. Everybody who sees her remarks that she is just perfect. When she latches on to our daughterís breast she hums a tune of joy.

I havenít had the opportunity to hold a new gift of life since my own children were born many years ago. It was an amazing feeling stroking the silky skin of a two day old enfant. There wasnít a bump or wrinkle to be seen on her flawless skin and her whisp of dark hair could have been fashioned by the finest hairdressers in Toronto.

Georgia seemed to reach out and catch my thumb in her hand and hang on with a mighty tug. She has been blessed to have been born to two loving caring parents who are able to tend to her needs. There is the unwritten guarantee of a warm nice, nurturing home where she will be integral part of the family.

Her adoring father, Jim has taken time off from his busy law practice to tend to the needs of his daughter and wife. He even is happy to change diapers in the wee hours of the night and helps with the bathing of his child.

Georgia is most fortunate to have two sets of doting grandparents: Terry and Linda on the dadís side and Ella and I on Sarahís side. Not to worry there are aunt Tara and uncles Jordi and Ari to watch out for their new niece for many years to come.

I am somewhat of a spiritual/religious man who doesnít take blessings for granted. Somehow Jim and Sarah met, got married and have settled down in the Toronto area. They successfully practiced their parenting skills on Commet, their Golden Doodle, puppy and now have a little girl to spoil.

Ella and I took a break and went for a walk along the Yonge Street strip to window shop/check out the expensive wares in the art/ antique stores. We looked but didnít buy. Now that we have a grand daughter their other more important priorities in our lives.

Let me share with you the sign on the window of one of the stores. ďIf you do have it (Love). You donít need to have anything else. If you donít have it, it doesnít matter what else you do have. Sir James Barrie said it all.

Ella and I have been truly blessed with a loving marriage, teaching/counseling/writing careers where we were able to make a difference working with young people.

Now as we reach our senior years we are most fortunate to see the wonderful cycle of life continue with the birth of our grand daughter Georgia.

Len Lesser

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