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On Sunday June 21st we have the opportunity to celebrate/remember our fathers. I have had the distinct pleasure of being a father to my two children, Sarah & Ari.

Last year President Obama’s Father’s Day speech recognized the important place of men in the lives of the family. "We need to realize that responsibility does not end at conception. We need to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child.-It is the courage to raise one."

There could be a lot fewer unwanted births if people mirrored the Seahorses reproduction cycle. The male Seahorse becomes pregnant instead of the female. She deposits the fertilized eggs into his abdomen and he carries them for six week. Scary thought: Think about it guys: the doctor gives you the ‘good’ news that for nine months you will be pregnant instead of your wife/girl friend.

My father, Aaron, was a wonderful role model for me. He taught me to respect all people regardless of their diversity. He always reminded me to deal with others as I would like to be treated. Those of us that are blessed with success have an obligation to help others who have experienced adversity. But for the sake of God there goes I the sages teach us.

Praise, smiles works wonders with our children while negativity is not productive to positive growth.
Like my dad I too have enjoyed washing dishes. We have an electric dish washer but I prefer lathering up the supper dishes. My two children will tell you that I am a horrible cook. They still remember my scrambled eggs blended in with a green egg banana concoction.

One day my wife gave me the daunting task of thawing/cooking the Sunday chicken dinner for the family.. I neglected to take the chicken from the freezer and had to resort to trying to thaw the bird on the heat register. There was scarcely a drop of frozen water in the pan.
To speed up the process I placed the bird in the oven and turned up the temp to 450 Fahrenheit. The skin was blistered but the giblets inside the cavity that were wrapped in plastic were still frozen solid.

I threw out my culinary disaster and quickly called Swiss Chalet to order a sumptuous dinner for four. A whole barbequed chicken including potatoes and salad delivered right to our home. Voila, I was a hit with the family for the low price of $29.97 including all taxes.

Times have changed with many fathers/mothers having to work long hours away from their families. No longer can we rely on the message to work eight hours/sleep eight hours which leaves eight hours for fun. To-day Dolly Parton’s refrain: ‘Working nine to five, what a way to make a living has been replaced with contract/consulting work where we are expected to do more for less.

Black Berries, cell phones and pagers sadly have intruded into our daily lives. Theater London announces at the beginning of each performance to please turn off your ringers and vibrators. Wise advice.

Dad please take the time to enjoy your children. Adolescents is quickly followed by the teen years and before you know it your son/daughter is off to College/ University.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a father/teacher/mentor to my two children. Life sure would have been dull without any of the fun/ challenges of helping to raise our family. Now, I look forward to being the very best grandfather to my two granddaughters.

Happy Father’s Day.

Len Lesser

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