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Recently the Vatican voiced it’s opinion that the “attempted ordination of women was one of the gravest crimes under church law, putting it in the same category as clerics sex abuse of children.” The two are codified by the same brush as the most serious canonical crime against sacraments and morals.

Offending bishops and the women who wish to take on the role of priests will be excommunicated. Since the Vatican does not accept that women can become priests, it does not recognize the outcome of any such ceremony.

The Roman Catholic Church has barred and bolted the door to Catholic women who were qualified to be priests. The Church Papal hierarchy in Rome is made of mostly elderly men who cling to power regardless of the views of modern day society. Young Roman Catholic males are not willing to join a society of priestly men who the Papacy has decreed to be celibate. Check out the enrollment of student priests at St Peter’s Seminary in London North and you will find lots of empty bedroom/ classroom spaces.

The majority of young people no longer wish to attend mass. Count the empty seats in the auditorium and you will see that the people have shown their displeasure with their feet by walking away from the church.

The largest number of Roman Catholics in Canada reside in the province of Quebec. They have the highest number of abortions with most couples not accepting the holy sacraments of holy matrimony. The people listen and make up their minds to the Church doctrine and do not blindly obey the edicts of the Papacy.

Sexual crimes on the most vulnerable youth in society by priests has resulted in court cases and out-of-settlement claims by the church. To pay the cost of the lawsuits diocese have had to resort to selling Church properties.

When will the Church acknowledge that we live in the year 2010 where women and men share their lives equally?

Male/females are welcomed equally by our post-secondary universities and colleges to be the best that they can be: doctor, lawyer, Governor General positions are open to all. If one has the ability and the work ethic I believe that you be and do anything that you want.

The Roman Catholic Church leaders in their wisdom have decreed that: no contraception, no abortion, no same sex marriages, no women priests are to allowed. The vast majority of people’s voices/opinions have no influence on the opinion of the Church law makers.

To discriminate against women in the role of priests in the Church is a travesty. To make the premise declared by the church that: “the ordination of women the moral equivalent of child rapists” is wrong and offensive to any intelligent person.

I have a wife, daughter, two granddaughters who should not be denied their rightful place in society.

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Len Lesser

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