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It used to be very common that we spoke of the seven year itch where young couples would pack in their marriages. Of late some of our friends in their late fifties after thirty-seven year of living together have decided to call it quits.

Their thirty year old children for the most part have left the nest to start families of their own. The empty nesters after thirty years of mortgage payments discover that the house is free and clear of the threat of foreclosure from the bank.

The lack of money doesnít seem to be a problem with flush bank accounts and mutual funds paying dividends. Many couples are opting to split up & go it alone

With a few years left before retirement your career aspirations are secure. Usually their is little interest in making waves and swinging for the fences to impress the neighbors.

Many professional women wake up one day and smell the coffee and decide that they no longer need the financial/emotional support of their husbands. They look at their balding bespectacled mates who are attached to their careers and decide that enough is enough. Living by yourself and not picking up after supper for some non appreciative partner has distinct advantages.

Check out the fitness clubs and you will see healthy, happy women with only a mere shadow on their third finger left hand. Freedom fifty-five has arrived with little stigma of the dreaded word divorce.

Reminds me of the true story of a recent Mayor of Toronto who asked his wife if she would still love him if he lost all his money? She would still love him she laughed but she would sure miss him.

The men knowing they will retire/ die before their wives have a deja vu moment of fear. The till death do us part in the marriage ceremony is sure scary.

Time is limited. The former jocks yearns for the former adulation in their past when they were captain of the football team with pretty young women cheering them on to victory.

Simple solution. Why not trade up for a younger model with less wrinkles and complaints who can really appreciate me.
My friends, Alan & Louise, reminded me recently of an executive, whose wife warned him that if she caught him fooling around that she would dump her shares in his company and bankrupt him. Sadly, he didnít heed the warning and was found bedding the maid. Guess what happened?

There is little interest in sticking it out. Divorce is a viable acceptable alternative which is becoming more fashionable in London.

Usually there were no real major problems. The marriage werenít bad. Many couples flee their comfortable homes because they feel they were in a rut with the same old boring/reliable partner.

There is no guarantee that subsequent marriages /relationships are going to be successful. The reality is that the track record of divorced couples is more vulnerable to marriage breakdown the second time around

Funny where ever you go you take yourself along on the journey.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not necessarily found in new relationships. Marriage is no panacea but neither is divorce.

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