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A recent survey shows that 88% of Canadians are happy with their sex lives. The statisticians have checked with 1,479 Canadians. 59% are very satisfied and 29% are somewhat satisfied with the remaining 12% not accounted for. They even document that the love making lasts 24.4 minutes.
36% have sex once or twice a week and 21% are active three or more times a week. 25% unfortunate souls are ‘screwed up’ and are not having any sex.

The numbers do not add up- what happened to the remaining 18%? How would you feel if your sexual performance was not included. My wife, Ella, and I haven’t slept a wink worried that our statistics may have been left us out of the tally.

Why is there so much coverage of the three little word- sex? The news papers are not interested in writing about sex for sex’s sake, rather the news should reflect reality and the essence of truth. The truth is that everybody seems to be having sex, with the exception of the 266.22 people left off the list.

Most of us are aware of the feel-good benefits of sex while we are engaged in it, but there are awesome positive side affects. My wife’s gynaecologist, Dr Noam Chernick, has advised us that we can lose weight, reduce stress, lower our cholesterol level, improve our circulation. Live longer. Stay younger. All we have to concentrate on is our sex lives.

Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour compared to yoga 114 , walking 153 , weight training 153, dancing 174 calories.

That means our friends, Joe & Pam are burning off more than ten thousand calories per year or the equivalent of about three pounds of fat. It’s not unrealistic to assume that regular sexual activity is one way to help maintain a healthy body weight.

Lowering your cholesterol is another of the “sex as exercise” benefits. It tips the HDL/LDL (good/ bad) cholesterol balance towards the HDL side.

Stress reduction, relaxation and improved sleep follows love making. People who report having frequent sex report that they can handle stress better so the normal strains of living do not interfere with their daily lives.

Sex can act as a pain reliever. The natural opiates of love making can act as a powerful analgesic, elevating the pain threshold and helping to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis, whiplash and headaches. My cousin
Jack has claimed for years that his wife, Terry’s, tender loving care is far better than Aspirin.

Prostate and Genital Health are improved with an active sex life. Regular sexual intercourse helps to improve the health of the prostrate gland. For women sex can strengthen the entire urological tract preventing the onset of incontinence in later life. My father claimed that the urologist screwed up his sex life at the age of 84. My mom just smiled.

If you have someone who really cares for you, someone who you are intimately connected with you may be three to five times less likely at risk of a premature death and disease from all causes. Perhaps we can all give spend less on vitamins B, C D and E and focus on good old SEX to improve our health?

‘Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, let’s do it, let’s fall in love’ is the Cole Porter musical refrain- What a wonderful way to stay happy and healthy.

Len Lesser

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