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Just in time for the New Year’s eve celebrations I received in my mail box a copy of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario copy of “Whisky.” It was a very expensive glossy edition with the subtitle : “Discover What Makes Whisky And Music A Soulful Duet”.

I have to admit that I never ever thought of spirits and music as part of my soul but I was enticed enough to gloss over the publication. Ella & I usually drink a glass of red wine, $10.95 for a 375 mL bottle with our supper because the experts tell us it is supposed to be good for our health.

There were advertisements of whisky from distilleries from Scotland, Canada, Portugal, Japan, USA and India. The publication was divided between different products and price ranges that you may find of interest.

There was the “Single. Canadian’ where you are invited to “Make a date with the only single malt whisky in the country.” for only $90.05 per 750 mL

There was the “Malt of the Earth” spirits with the “Highland Helper” coming in at $82.50 per bottle. You can save money if you opt for the Lowland version for only $79.95.

I am saving the best for last for your consideration. “Available for a limited time” you may be able to purchase from the “Whisky Shop, LCBO location in Masonville a bottle of “The Glenlivet XXV for $349.95. Each bottle is numbered and presented in an elegant wooden box. There are no added on blended provincial sales taxes to worry about.

Alas, the LCBO, York Street store, does not stock the Glenlivet. I checked and found that you can purchase a mickey of “Walker’s Special” rye for only $12.75 to entertain your friends. I wager after a couple of glasses of whisky that most people are not able to discern the difference anyways. For the majority of party goers at the celebration if it is free/wet and cold there are no problems.

Reminds me of the tale of two drinking buddies at the local pub discussing their funeral arrangements. "Paddy" asked his drinking buddy "Jock" if he would pour an expensive bottle of whisky over his grave? “Jock” laughed and inquired if it would be okay if the spirits could pass
through his kidneys first?

Question? When you cross Dundas Street and travel north to Fanshawe Park Road do your taste buds become more used to expensive eclectic tastes in food and spirits? Is it all about location, location, location ?

I wager that you can have a wonderful time with friends and family over a homemade meal of pizza/salad/ Gelato ice cream washed down with a bottle of home made wine with little expense. It’s not supposed to be all about the cost; rather it’s the chance to spend an enjoyable evening bringing in the New Year with friends and family.

Imagine for a moment what good deeds you could perform for your community if you skipped the Glenvlivet? You could make a valuable contribution to the London Food Bank, Men’s/Women Salvation Army hostels to help feed/house the homeless men and women in their time of need.

Mission Services of London average cost for a meal at the Men’s Mission, Rotholme Family and Children’s Services averages out at $3.11 per serving.

I don’t know about you but I can not for the life of me understand why people choose to spend their money on outrageous sums to entertain their friends. If they have come to your home only for the goodies then they will not probably invite you back.

Please remember that a fool and his/her money soon part.
Happy New Year to all.

Len Lesser

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