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The world around us is changing with people demanding their rights to a free open society. The Middle East will never be the same with desperate despots who have ruled with an iron fist thrown aside by their own people.

Dictators such as Egypt’s Mubarak and Libya’s Gadhafi who held their powerful positions for four decades are no longer feared by their people.

We have to ask ourselves; What has brought about these changes? Let’s give credit to Google, Face Book, Twitter. cell phones, that have made instant messaging a reality.

No longer can information be hidden from the people.
With a click of a mouse hundreds of thousands of people have access to the goings on in real time without government censorship.

For the past year I have received email messages from Barrack Obama, “Dear Len”, keeping me and millions of other interested people abreast of his hopes and aspirations for a better America/World.

The “Cyber Space Cat” is out of the bag: knowledge is the optimum word for the present/future generations. The young people of the world will hold the balance of power and decrepit old men and their philosophies will be forced to give way to a new reality based on the new technology.

The Union of Soviet Republics Communist government has disappeared and Eastern Europe is now made up democracies who owe no allegiance to the former “Mother Russia.”

The authoritarian government of China has incorporated the former British Colony of Hong Kong into their midst. In doing so they took the “Trojan Horse” filled with all of its free democracy ideals into the mix. It will not be too long that China will be a social democracy in the making with the people making huge strides to a free and open society.

North Korea will no longer receive support from China. The poor indentured people will overthrow their dictator, Kim Jong-Il, and join with their cousins in the prosperous free prosperous democracy in South Korea.

Cubans embraced Fidel Castro’s revolution to overthrow of President Batista but do not feel the same allegiance to his brother, Raul’s, rule.

When I last visited the island I interviewed the staff of the hotel on their lives in the sun. The vast majority are not allowed to have a computer, own their apartment/car or travel abroad without permission of the authorities. The staff of the hotel were quite nervous when I posed my questions: they spoke with a quiet whisper; “Not possible”
There is a government lottery where if one is most fortunate to win Cuban nationals can apply to a foreign country for a treasured visa to immigrate.

At the air port I was detained in customs, my bags where searched, my notes seized and I was told that I didn’t have the necessary government permission to ask questions of the hotel staff.

Cubans are a short skip and a jump from their relatives in Miami and in the very near future democracy will embrace the Cuban people. Citizens from United States/Cuba will be able to travel freely.

The future for the children of the world will be one filled with opportunity for all. Oppression, grinding poverty for hundreds of millions of people will be replaced with a fresh breath of democracy and equality for all to enjoy.

No longer will people be afraid to voice their opinions: they will instead go to the streets, demand equal rights of assembly and a just society based on law that protects all of the citizens.

It has been a long time coming but the world in my opinion is changing for the better for all mankind.

Len Lesser

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