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Of late the CBC has had phone in shows to get our views on Ontario bringing back photo radar to curb speeding drivers and street racers. When photo- radar made its debut in 1994 by the Bob Raeís NDP it was met with fierce opposition especially in the GTA. Mike Harrisís Conservative government wasted little time and axed the program. It was all about politics: not pubic safety.

Take a drive down any of our four hundred highways with the posting of 100 K and you might wonder if the drivers misunderstood the Kís to be (100) miles per hour.

It was all so simple: a radar gun that snaps a picture of a computer image of your licence plate along with your speed. Voila a couple of weeks later the speeder receives a ticket in the mail.

Last week-end four drivers were killed as a result of excessive speed. Check out the numbers and you will see that our deadly death toll on our highways keeps increasing.

Crowded highway with commuters rushing to beat the morning/evening rush hour traffic needs to be closely monitored.

Our OPP officers do their best to try to control the speeding drivers but their cruisers are too few to make a dent in the statistics. So far we have recorded 191 fatalities on OPP patrolled highways compared to 153 at this time last year.

The province with the support of the Ontario Trucking Society have agreed to have transport truck speed ( 5 k over the speed limit) be regulated through a built-in microchip. If those who make a living from their driving skills can agree to regulators then why canít the rest of us follow their lead?

I would be happy to have the 400 highways speed adjusted to a max of 110. For those who wish to speed then photo-radar will be a great deterrent. Remember to not smile when you are on the provinceís candid camera. Driving to Toronto could be an enjoyable trip when you do not have to be worried about being yet another sad statistic

The vast majority of those who took the time to call into the CBC where in favor. I am interested in your opinion. Please drop me an e mail to www.london-topic.ca

Len Lesser

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