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Our lives seem to be obsessed with time. We seem to ruled by the numbers/hands on the clock with too many of us stressed out to try and account for every precious minute of the day.

The alarm clock awakens us from our slumber at six in the morning to get us on our way. I find it interesting that the time device is referred to as an alarm clock to shock us into taking on the day. We may take the time to shower, shave, fix our hair and dress before coming down to the kitchen to grab a quick cup of coffee and perhaps an instant breakfast before making our way to work.

Everyone in the family seems to be attached to a schedule that is dictated by the damn timelines. There are time deadlines to be kept and just-in-time deliveries for our transport drivers charging down the 400 highways.

Check out your home and you will find clocks in the bedroom, family room, kitchen, computer, smart phones. They constantly remind us that time is of the essence with not a moment to waste. There is precious little time to smell the flowers and slow down and simply enjoy the simple pleasures of the day.

Our drive to our work across town in London seems to take hours with many complaining that the traffic lights on Oxford Street in London are not synchronized. Another darn red light that takes a couple of minutes of our precious time sure makes some drivers angry.

Many of us are wired and stressed out trying to accomplish too many tasks in too little time Time seems to rule us and we ultimately race against the clock often times to the detriment of our health/well being.

Winter vacations donít seem to alleviate the problems because even these days of supposed leisure are set by airport/plane departure schedule times two hours before take-off. We arrive at our destination in the sun tired/jet lagged hoping that the few days of respite will help heal our ills.

We arrive home more tired and financially poorer then we left but sometimes wiser then we left London. We find out too late that the best six star resort is really at HOME.

We all look forward to the TGIF week-ends, ďthank goodness it is FridayĒ to try and unwind before having to take on another five days at work.

Sadly, too many families donít allow a minute of time to pass in the busy week to have the children relax, read a book, play, go for a walk without the folks worried that they are not achieving up to the parentís standards. Too may of our children are stressed out trying to please the folks. There are music, dance, hockey, soccer, baseball, swim, martial arts activities and a vast array of other activities that our youngsters according to their parents that are fun. Rarely, are the childrenís opinions asked for.

I have a few suggestion to offer to help solve the time problem. Start by taking off your watch and shutting down your computer, smart phone on the week-ends. Shut them off and donít turn them on till Monday morning. Donít worry your message will still be there and you can have a relaxing time.

The sages teach us that yesterday is history, to-morrow is a mystery, to-day we call the present because it is a gift. If you have the time pick up your bible and read Ecclesiastes, chapter three, verse one that is often quoted during funerals.

ĎThere is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven. A time to give birth and a time to die. A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.í

Please take the time to take it easy my friend and perhaps you may live a whole lot longer and finish a whole lot stronger.

Len Lesser

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