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Saturday night Ella and I decided to take in a movie and do some grocery shopping. Getting away from home and the heat and humidity should have been a plus. We wanted to celebrate my birthday.

The critics have given the musical Hair Spray a four out of five rating and we planned on sitting back to enjoy ourselves. The two seats were $20.00 but to heck with the cost: we wanted to enjoy ourselves.

The theatre was filled to capacity and we settled in for what we thought would be fun. We watched the promos and looked forward to our feature film.

The theatre was freezing and after twenty minutes I made my way over to the manager. He took me over to his computer monitor and showed me that the temp was 19 C. The temp outside was 27 and when you factor in the humidex rating closer to 32 a 12 degree difference. The manager gave me two gift certificates in lieu of a cash refund. He even offered to try and raise the heat with his computer program which would take twenty minutes.

Guess we will have to wait till they shut off the air conditioning at the local movie emporium before we take in another movie. We were not the only ones freezing,: the womenís washroom in the middle of the running of the film had sprouted up a line up.

Never mind we figured that we could spend some time at the super market since we were already in the area. Wrong. We donned our sweaters and grabbed a shopping cart. The place was freezing. The staff were all wearing sweaters and light coats to keep them warm. Maybe the idea was to not have to crank up the coolers and refrigerate the whole damn place.

I guessed with the high cost of hydro that the theatres/restaurants and grocery stores would like to conserve energy and cut costs. Wrong. I as a patron sure donít like to be chilled out when I want to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing evening.

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