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Mirror mirror on the wall where are the future career opportunities. To be able to find viable employment it is wise to think global.

The world has become a small place after all with the advent of the computer and it’s ability in a moment of time to cover large far off destinations at the click of a mouse to access employment.

I checked with Darlene O’Neill who is the Manager, Career, Co-op and Community Employment at Fanshawe College. "We have an aging population and the forecast for employment is excellent for those who wish to pursue careers in Nursing, Practical Nursing and Personal Support Workers. Visits to hospital emergency rooms and long stays in hospitals cost thousands of dollars will be replaced by home care from Nurse Practitioners at fraction of the cost to the taxpayers."

"There is a growing need for: Registered Dieticians, Nurses, Naturopathy, Medical Doctors specializing in Gerontology, Pharmacists,, Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to be able to give care to our seniors with programs offered by Community Colleges and Universities."

"Particular attention is being given to prepare a workforce trained in providing Recreation and Leisure to provide a physical/social aspect for people to live healthier happier lives". Check out the "Canadian Center for Activities in Ageing" at the Mount on Richmond Street and you will see Recreation Instructors dancing up a storm with a gymn full of seniors.

The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences in Toronto offers up the opportunity to use your skills and abilities to make a difference in people’s lives. They offer up rewarding careers in Cardiovascular Perfusion, Chiropody, Diagonostic Cytology, Genetic Technology, Nuclear Medicine and many other career opportunities which you can check on line via their web site www.michener.ca.

"There is a growing concern for the environment and therefore green, clean and sustainable energy will be in demand." Wind solar energy resources are needed to restore the health of the planet.

"Skilled trades will be in huge demand." We have an older population of tradespeople who are at retirement age. Skilled carpenters, chefs. truck drivers, electricians mechanics, plumbers, welders, millwrights, air condition/heating technicians along with massage therapists, hairdressers, barbers do quite well thank you.

"Information technology continues to be a sought after occupation with graduates involved in creating web pages and networking sites."

"The good new is that Ontario’s Community Colleges are strategically positioned to help educate our students to be able to find meaningful employment.’ We in the London area can be very proud that Fanshawe College offers up a vast array of programs for our students/parents to explore." Please take the time to check out their web site www.fanshawec.ca

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