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High school registration for next year is taking place in our high schools.

Students have access to the Counseling Summary Report that was one of my innovations when I was Head of Guidance at Laurier that shows which courses they have taken.

The Boards of Educations estimate that over 40% of students in Ontario last year opted to return to their school for a post grad/victory lap last year. They had completed four years of school and the mandatory 30 credits needed to graduate. Many came back to upgrade their marks and some did not know what they wanted to do after graduating.

I see no reason that Ontario high school students needed to come back to high school for their Victory lap. Students from British Columbia all the way to Newfoundland have been able to finish their high school education in the four years that have been allotted.

It will take some time for our schools/parents/students to clue into the reality to get down to some work in the first three years of their secondary school studies.

Pre-planning one’s courses in grade eleven will be required to make sure that post secondary options are open.
Parents/students will have to check out the mandatory courses/cut offs for the high school graduates to be able to be accepted into their chosen university/college/apprenticeship programs.

Instead of coming back to school it may be better for students to look at taking a Gap Year to travel or volunteer their services. Going into the work force after graduating from high school can help the students learn the benefits of earning a pay check and on the job training.

Often times too many of our youngsters go to university/college because the folks want them to attend. Many students are not serious/turned on to spending three or more years going to classes. They show us their displeasure with their feet by skipping classes and dropping out of school.

It is in the best interest of our secondary students to plan with their parents their future goals and not come back to high school for an extra semester or two. I see no victory in coming back to school after graduating.

Len Lesser

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