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The sages teach us that the sins of the fathers are inherited by their children. In London we have two young men who have reversed the curse and brought shame to their families and community.

Ali Mediej a Moslem and Xristos Katsiroubas from the Greek community both attended South Secondary School. South is primarily an accademic school. The majority of the students are enrolled in the University Level program with a sincere desire to go to university and pursue a career, to do well financially and to do good for their community.

Two young men who act out against humanity do not represent the values of thousands of students who are very proud of their affiliation with their high school But, by association their community, London and their school, South, has been maligned.

I had the pleasure to have counselled hundreds of Moslem students who attended Saunderís Secondary School and found them to be cordial and hard working.

Minority groups in our midst have a psychic scar of not wanting any of their community to bring disgrace which by association demeans everyone with the same brush of infamy. When a wrong has been reported they hope that it is not one of their community that has been involved.

For the past two days the media including the CBC Radio and Television has featured the exploits of two young men who died in Algeria. Banner headlines in the London Free Press, April 3 "Homegrown Terrorism" has two full pages of articles focusing on the backgrounds of Xristos and Ali.

The Imam, has categorically emphasized that the Moslem faith does not condone acts of violence. The mosque is a holy site where peace and goodwill to all regardless of religious belief are welcome to attend.

I wonder if the media would have been as concerned if the two young men were called John Doe and Bob Brown who were not Moslems if the media attention would have the same banner headlines ? I think not.

Moslems being in the minority in London are afraid that there will be consequences for their community because of the wrong doing of their children.

I firmly believe/pray that the vast majority of Londoners will understand that a few bad apples are not representative of the thousands of good hard working God fearing Moslems whose only desire is to live in peace.

Len Lesser

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