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I just finished reading Peter C. Newmanís, biography: ĎThe Secret Mulroney Tapes, Unguarded confessions of a Prime Minister.í If you are interested in discerning the good and bad of political intrigue you may enjoy the read.

The cruelest cut of all was in 1993 when Brian complained to Bill McCarthy, a P M O staff photographer ď You know Billy, Mila and I invited over four thousand people to our home this summer, and we got only seven thank-you notes. That pretty much sums it.Ē

Most Canadians think that our manners are worse now then ten years ago. Parents & teachers comment of the lack of respect that our children show their elders. Perhaps there is a direct link with the rudeness that comes from the home to the increase of violence in the streets/schools in London.

Like it or not you are role models for your childrenís behaviour. As parents we can model simple acts of kindness, consideration and common sense. Donít tell your children to do something that you donít do yourself. Show your offspring the respect that you expect. Children who are respected grow up to respect. Usually, children will become what they see and hear around them.

When was the last time you took the time to send a note to someone who went the extra mile to be nice. How about a note to your doctor/ childrenís teacher, crossing guard for them caring?

In the new world of instant communication many of us neglect to answer our personal e mails or phone messages. In my book of etiquette you didnít forget; you are simply rude; not wanting to spend a minute of your day to at least acknowledge the sender.

What happened to the little important words: please and thank- you for a job well done, I know it is only one of your of your staff, family and you may not think itís important. Perhaps that is why employees feel they are not appreciated and simply say the hell with it and quit.

In Canada we have a declining birth rate and an ageing population. In the near future it will be a sellerís market with employees in the driver seat

Ken Thompson the recently deceased Canadian multi billionaire used to personally greet the carrier of his Globe & Mail newspaper at five a. m. If you follow his example you will be in a very small minority of people who have the good graces to take the time to say thank-you.
When I am fortunate enough to be offered good service I ask for the manager to send along a compliment to the hard working employee. Good manners can be contagious.

Strange, how many people you invite over for dinner never reciprocate and invite you back to their home for a cup of tea or lemonade. Sometimes for them it is all about taking and no giving. The late Dr Jack Land used to remind me that those who forget their social graces are often times just educated ignoramuses.

Sound familiar?

Len Lesser

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