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Alison Wolf, who is a British economist, in her new book espouses the belief that "Elite and highly educated women have been have become a class apart."

Welcome to the new reality for women. They are for the most part highly educated with full-time careers. They work very hard. They have fewer children then most. They are far more likely to be married to their first husbands. They sleep less, watch less TV and may well have less sex then other women because they are way too busy.

The good news is that they exercise more. They are devoted to their children, but never put their careers on hold.

If the above describes more or less your life-style then welcome to the club. You belong to the new female elite that has emerged in the past decades Your great-grandmother would never would have imagined the kind of life you lead. Your vast number of choices are very different from women who came before you. And in the process you are reshaping the societies in ways nobody anticipated.

In my private practice the vast majority of young women I counsel are bright hard working, disciplined with a sense of purpose and an amazing willpower to do well and achieve.
The career women do not choose to marry house husbands. The successful women don’t want to marry down. They marry successful men who are high achievers who can complement their desire for a comfortable life style The couple pool their resource. Their incomes are many times higher then the average households.

They live in good neighborhoods and send their children to the best schools. They will do everything they can to make sure their children have the same education opportunities as they had. They are able and willing to spend lots of time and money to get the best one possible. They will enrich their children with extracurricular activities. They will supervise their homework and keep in touch with the teachers to be aware of possible concerns that need attending to.

Post secondary school is a must with parents being involved in the decision making. All of the above is very expensive, that is why elite parents have so few children and are motivated to keep working.

Less-educated women are still likely to work in gender- segregated careers such as teaching, personal services or retail. They are more likely to drop out of the work force when they have children and after that work part time. I remember Muriel Hill, a Vice-Principal who referred to these females as ‘untily' girls. They work until they get married and after having children they work part time until they can stay at home and watch tv.

Sadly, they are far more likely to have children out of wedlock and be divorced and face the grim reality of being a single parent. Recently I counseled a young women who was pregnant and had dropped out of high school with absolutely no help from her boyfriend. No support and little or no education I informed her would be translated into her and her child being poor. She informed me that she didn’t want to be poor. With her adult status I was able to have her be admitted to King’s University College where she could graduate with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree.

It is natural to want the best for your children. The trouble is, the vast majority of parents don’t have the resources to compete. The result is a decline in social mobility as the well-to-do parents perpetuate themselves.

The tendency for children born in the top twenty percent of the developed world to self actualize is very high. The rich get richer and the poor have too many children is the reality for many families. There is a new class system with the elite at the top.

Working educated women have created a new world, and there daughters’ futures have never ever been so bright.
Check it out men, women make up more then half of the Leaders/ Premiers in Canada from across Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut.

Perhaps men are part of an endangered species with our daughters controlling our destiny?

"Annie Oakley, in the Broad Way musical composed by Irving Berlin’s, "Annie Get Your Gun," said it all in the refrain, "Anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better then you."

My daughter, Sarah, recently informed me that she and I were very similar but she was much better then me.

Len Lesser

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