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Ella and I just saw a funny movie at the Rainbow Cinema, " The Other Women." A story of a philandering very handsome husband, Frank, who sees women as merely trophies for him to enjoy. A seemingly successful business man who deals and wheels his way to fame and fortune to help him live an upscale life with expensive cars and a mansion to keep up with the "Jones".

He is married to an attractive women, Carly, who trusts him explicitly to keep his vows of marriage and act in a responsible way. Seems like he has many business meetings that take place in the evenings that he has to take his clients to dine.

A very beautiful blonde female lawyer, Kate, is smitten and spend week-ends away with him. When Carly calls sometimes plans have to change and he needs an excuse for cancelling the dates at the last moment: "the pipe has broken in the basement and he has to rush home." Kate shows up with a bathroom plunger in hand to help and is greeted by the Carly who she assumes is the housekeeper. To her dismay, Kate learns that Frank is a cheating married man

As fate would have it Carly looks for answers and comfort from Kate. The two new friends discover that the two of them have been in competition with yet another voluptuous young women, Amber, who thinks that she is the one and only

As the sages teach us: "Hell has no fury like a women scorned." but three women put asunder by a hustler and the retribution can multiply ten-fold. The girls unite to bring Frank down and make him pay for his deceit and stealing from his partners.

His bank accounts that he shared with Carly mysteriously disappears and his associates are made aware of his fraudulent behaviour leaving him destitute.

He cries in vain that he is/was an innocent man who was a victim of circumstances beyond his control.

In the past marital indiscretions, cheating by men, was looked upon in society as the norm. The "wife" had to hide her displeasure and put on a good face to her friends and family. President Jack Kennedy did not try and hide his sexual exploits from his wife, Jackie. The press was aware of the trists with Marilyn Monroe but did not inform the readers assuming it was a private matter.

This week Monica Lewinsky the most famous Intern in the White House with former President Bill Clinton told of their affair that lead to his impeachment.

Times have changed in society with women demanding respect and loyalty from their husbands. They no longer have to stand by their man who has put asunder his vows in marriage. Family law contracts assure all are treated equal.

Recently I was invited by my friend, Gerry, to a cocktail party with some of Londonís most prominent business executives. One of the CEOíS was asked: "if he had a tendency to fool around?" He answered that;í his wife owned half of the shares in his company and that if she discovered that he was cheating that she would dump her thousands of shares on the market making his worthless." Four months later he cheated on his wife and true to her word she sold her equity in their company bankrupting him.

Some men never ever learn until they are faced with the reality that there are consequences for their conduct.

Len Lesser

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