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We all mourn at the loss of a great actor/comedian who committed suicide at the young age of 63. A while back he did an interview on the CBC Radio and spoke of his childhood. Robyn was born on July 21st 1951 in Chicago Illinois to a former model Laura and a Ford Motor Corporation executive Robert.

Mom and dad lived in a very upscale mansion with Robin a very lonely boy with few friends and no siblings to play with. Robin was bullied during his childhood for being chubby and would spend most of his time playing alone with his toys in the large family home to avoid his tormentors.

Mom was the ultimate social butterfly with a full schedule of parties and theater. His dad was very busy with his career and had little time to dote on his son.

Robin found his passion and was awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious Juilliard School for the Arts to study acting in New York

City. Fame and fortune followed with Robin featured in 34 movies along with TV one man specials.

He was known as a genius, a genuine natural artist, who was able to make us cry and laugh. With all of his success we would wrongly assume that he was happy. On the outside all seemed well but Robin struggled with his demons trying to solve them with cocaine and alcohol.

The stats show us that many troubled men commit suicide. Women when they are hurt cry out for help and men have been told to be real men and "suck it up" and not complaign of the travails that they are faced with on a daily basis. Sort of like being between caught between a rock and a hard place with no place to hide. For too many males suicide is a very sad viable answer for them when they are not able to cope

For the most part males do not receive hugs and kisses from their parents when they are growing up. I still remember our Prime Minister, Harper, shaking his young sonís hand instead of embracing him for his accomplishments. Shaking hands is the proper thing to do for men and kissing is for only females in many families.

Both boys and girls need to have a sense of warmth and affection shown to them to be happy well adjusted happy people when they are growing-up .

During the Second World War babies in the orphanages in London England mysteriously died in their cribs with no rhyme or reasonable cause. They were considered well taken care with their medical needs were provided for. The government enlisted the help of older women who volunteered to simply spend time caring for the infants and voila the children flourished. Amazing, what a simple sense of touch and affection can accomplish.

Robin Williamís death although tragic can teach us some valuable lessons. We all need to feel that we are special. Remember to hug and kiss all of your children/ grandchildren and tell them that you love them.

Len Lesser

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