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The banner headlines in the paper yesterday, "Dalhousie university dentistry students promoting sexual violence" with a lead story containing very disturbing details.

A dozen dentistry students in their fourth year were using Facebook to post sexually explicit comments/pictures promoting the use of sexual violence against their fellow female dentistry students.

University president, Richard Florizone ,issued a statement to the media that showed him unabashedly crying when he told the country that the school will take a victim-centered approach that will focus on ‘understanding and repairing the harm caused.’

To right the wrong done to the female students the university and students have decided on a restorative process where the female students would be able to confront their male abusers. The women’s abuse should be dealt with by the administration with expulsion of the male students from the university if the complaints are verified. Fourth year students are able to discern right from wrong and should be accountable for their actions. "You do the crime and you do the time."

We males have an obligation to step up when we see indications of abuse when we see our females being maligned. Perhaps we too should shed a tear along with the president of Dalhousie admitting that we are part of the problem when we turn aside from our obligations. Our girls are every ones sisters, daughters, wives and mothers.

Of late we all have seen reports of male athletes, politicians, entertainers who have been accused of assaulting women. Sadly, many women will concur that they too have been victims of unwanted sexual advances by many men who have made their lives miserable. With the new advances of women in society they no longer should have to suffer in silence preferring to accuse those who abuse them and vet them out.

Good, it is long over due that all of our young women are free of harassment.

Len Lesser

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