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The Moslem persona has sure changed the perceptions of people. The radicals such as Isis in Syria and Iraq, have captured the headlines with videos of captives being beheaded in the name of Allah.

A recent convert of Islam, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau went to the National War Memorial in Ottawa where he killed an unarmed Canadian soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

To be able to convert to Islam one only has to be able to repeat two Arabic sentences: " I bare witness that there is no deity but Allah." "I bear witness that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah." No need to attend religious classes or background checks to be able to ascertain that one is capable of being able to maintain the faith.

Recently we were all shocked that two brothers, Cherif and Said Korach killed twelve people at the newspaper, "Charlie Hebdo" , in Paris France to avenge the cartoons of Mohammed that the paper had published. Their friend, Amed Coulibaly, took hostages at a Kosher Super Market killing four shoppers who were of the Jewish faith.

France has a population of sixty- five million citizens of which there are six million Moslems most of whom had originally immigrated from Algeria. Forty percent of the Moslem population of France are unemployed and sixty percent of those who are incarcerated are Moslems.

Assimilation into the French population has been resisted by a very large majority of the Moslem population who have preferred to maintain their previous life style. Sharia laws are enforced with women wearing the head scarfs, Hiajabs and Niquabs where you are only able to see the women’s eyes when they are out of the house. One is obligated to pray five times a day to be able to affirm one’s faith.

With French Moslem high unemployment and their young men in trouble with the law the family unit has broken down. The government even though they have spent millions of Euros on social intervention have failed to stop the tide of dissension. Radical Moslems at the Mosques have enticed the youth into believing that Jihad is the only way to avenge their wrongs to take up arms in the defense of Allah.

Anti-Semitism over the past few years has grown so bad that last year over seven thousand French Jews left France to immigrate to Israel to find safety.

The Imam in London is aware that we in London Ontario are not isolated from the violence that has swept the world of Islam. Sadly, in 2013 two young men from South Collegiate who had recently converted to Islam made their way to Algeria and were killed attacking a gas plant.

The sages teach us that there are two types of evil in the world - omission and commission. All people have to act as if they were "Je suis Charlie" speaking out against those who would kill because they disagree with the belief in freedoms of speech and the press.

Those who commit atrocities in the name of Allah should be held accountable for their actions and be told that their after-life is in jeopardy. Their outrageous belief that Moslem fighters who perform Jihad have seventy-two virgins after they die is but a fallacy. Perhaps that would stem the tide of Moslem radicalism in the world and people will be able to live in peace.

Len Lesser

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