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To-day I received an e mail message from Father Michael in response to my column on Valentineís Day. The subject line told me that he was: "Away from the office."

Here is his simple message . " In a spirit of joy-filled thanksgiving, I am away from the office and located in a place where I have no access to cellular service or to the internet. These hours of bliss and renewal will continue until Tuesday, February 24. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact my office. They are all really nice people. They are eager to be of assistance. I thank you for your patience, Michael."

Wow, we can learn so much from just a few lines. Michael expresses his joy and thanksgiving that he has left his office and all the trials and tribulations that a priest faces every day to be in a place of tranquility and solitude.

He has found a peaceful retreat where there is absolutely no cell phones or computers to interrupt his days of prayers and contemplation. Being able to communicate to God without defined time constraints is a blessing that too few of us seem to have the time for in our busy world.

His hours and bliss and renewal are for twelve days of uninterrupted time that will help him restore his batteries and help him find the will and strength to administer to his parishioners in their time of need.

Being a priest to-day is not a easy task counseling people who are ill or unhappy with their lives. Hard to give solace to those who are troubled and ask: why the world is plagued with the daily reports of atrocities of manís inhumanity to man?

The many travails in the world can all take a harsh toll of care givers who if they are not careful can become disillusioned and depressed when they are trying to aid those who are most in need of help.

Michael is being proactive by taking some time off realizing that even although he is a priest that he is not all powerful and needs the time to heal himself

He is wise to recognize that those who need assistance can be helped by his office personal appreciating that: "they are all nice people eager to be of assistance." Being able to let go and appreciate that others can be of assistance shows that Michael is comfortable trusting & delegating.

Many of us can learn from the example of Father Michael. Imagine being happy and content that there is no cellular service or access to the internet for 12 days The cell phone has sadly taken on the role of an umbilical cord that for too many users has taken over their lives 24-7. Driving or eating dinner with a loved one with the mobile device in hand is now considered the norm for too many addicted people.

Unlike Father Michael you may not have twelve days off to attend a retreat but if you have the willpower you can abandon your mobile technology for the week-end to be with our families without interruptions.

If you take the time to focus on your needs for good health and happiness you may live a whole lot longer and finish a whole lot stronger.

Len Lesser

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