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On Thursday November the first CBC Tv, the National, featured a half hour program: “Poor diet increases cancer risks.”

Like you I have lost many of my friends and family members to cancer. My mother died as a result of bowel cancer. Many of my uncles died from prostate cancer. Our family lived the traditional life style with lots of beef, white bread with very little regard to fruit or vegetables. I have always believed that there was a high correlation between good health and life style.

Now with the following information I feel a little more confident that we Londoners can try to control our own fate.

“ The most comprehensive study ever undertaken on the association between cancer and obesity concludes that excess fat triggers many types of Cancer The American Institute for Cancer Research shows food, nutrition and lack of exercise appears critical in causing many cases- perhaps one-third of all cancers.”

The five year study showed that increased body fat/lack of exercise had a direct relationship on your chance of getting cancer. “Excess body fat around your middle increases your chances of colon, kidney, pancreas, uterine and breast for women.”

My family have taken the study to heart and we are making changes to our lives. We are no longer are buying deli meats for our lunches. A cancer specialist has warned us of the hazards of barbequing a couple of steaks for dinner. Prostrate Cancer has a direct link to diet and life style; eating a low fat diet and keeping a proper weight seems to help prevent Prostrate Cancer.

Poor rural Africans who eat a high fibre/vegetable along with large quantities of fruit rarely are stricken with bowel/colon cancer.
Canadians who avoid whole wheat bread/rice and opt for loaves of white bread are often constipated perhaps resulting in a high incidence of Cancer. We now only purchase multi-grain bread along with brown rice.
Check with some of your Oriental neighbors that follow a traditional diet and you will find that the women rarely have breast cancer. Their diet consists of lots of chicken, fish, tofu & rice with very little beef.

Ella and I are weight conscious and go to the Y to work out five times a week. We enjoy walking, swimming, light weight lifting and talking to our friends.

The Canadian Cancer Society advises us that ‘there is a clear link between lifestyle ,diet and cancer.” The estimates for 2007 cancer deaths are : “Lung 19,900, Breast 22,500, Prostrate 22,300, Colorectal 20,800.” You do not have to be yet another statistic. Cancer is often times preventable the experts tell us. You can reduce your chances of developing Cancer. Check out the American Institutes Web site; ‘News results for American Institute for Cancer Nov 1/07.’

Len Lesser

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