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The banner headline in the London Free Press to-day, March 28 of the crash of the plane by the suicide death of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is accurate. He had letters from his doctor that were kept hidden that he was not to fly on the day that he was to take off with a plane load of passengers.

The senseless deaths of 150 innocent people could have been averted if the attending physician had emailed his diagnosis and recommendations to the Germanwings headquarters.

By not taking the time to be proactive to me was sheer ethical, moral negligence that made the impending disaster a reality looking for a place to happen.

What about the matter of confidential relation between a doctor and his patient, you may ask? The law states that only an attorney and his client have the privilege of not divulging information that has been shared.

We have always assumed that the law of secrecy involving doctors, priests, that what they what they have been told in confidence is designated as sacrosanct and immune from disclosure . As I understand the law these assumptions are dead wrong.

It must be sheer hell for the attending physician of the pilot to know that his lack of due diligence has caused the needless death for people that he had sworn a Hippocratic oath to protect.

In my many years of counselling thousands of students I have had troubled young people tell me that they were contemplating taking their lives but wanted me to keep the information confidential.

I informed them that as a counsellor acting in place of a just judicious parent I was obligated to inform their family of my concerns for their well being. Thank God, I am most fortunate that being proactive saved hundreds of students from committing suicide.

Len Lesser

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