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Canada’s military chief says sexual assaults are still a problem in the Canadian Forces because men are "biologically wired in a certain way and force themselves on women." But he acknowledges that "it is not the way it is should be."

As a husband, father of a daughter, son and grandfather of three granddaughters I take exception to what he said. It is my sincere belief that men are not by their sexual orientation 'wired' to not show respect for women. It is if the predators of sexual abuse can try and excuse their bad behaviour by explaining it is not really their fault. ‘The Devil made me do it’ and I had little control of my actions because of my genetic makeup is just a cop-out.

Tom Dawson is the leader of our armed forces whose mandate is to offer equal opportunity to both men and women who defend our country. No, I do not think that the General misspoke and was quoted out of context. I believe that what he said was his opinion on why too many of our females are abused in the military.

Many years ago I had the opportunity to teach many of the children of RCR soldiers in London and voiced my concern to the commanding officer that girls were not welcome to be Cadets at Royal Military College. As fate would have it a few years later that girls were invited to attend the college and fulfill their dreams to be officers in Canada’s Military. In 1980 the graduating class had thirty-two women out of a class of one thousand cadets who graduated

It is not fair that too many female cadets to-day complain of sexual harassment and their concerns are not taken seriously by the chain of command at the college. Recently a female cadet silently committed suicide rather then spend another day being maligned by her fellow male classmates.

I know that General Tom Lawson only has a few weeks till he retires but sadly his meeting with Peter Mansbridge trying to explain/excuse why his male soldiers abuse will besmirch his long service to his country. His views were insulting to men and women alike. It is my hope that all men and women are treated with respect in their chosen field of endeavor.

Len Lesser

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