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Every Thursday we receive an email from PC Plus with offers of every day foods for us to choose from. If you purchase i.e. broccoli, potatoes, apples etc every dollar spent earns you 200 points. If you spend 20,000 points the store takes $20.00 off the cost of your grocery bill

Sunday mornings we make our way over to the Real Canadian Super Store at Gammage and Oxford Streets in London. My wife, Ella, has done her homework and checked out the flyers to compare the choice of products and prices. There are very congenial staff members who have shirts that ask: "how can I help you"?

The produce department has an abundance of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from all over the world from which to choose. If you canít find what you want just ask an a colleague and presto they go to the back to try and oblige.

Terry our Sea Food Manager takes the time to tell us what fish are farmed or fresh and even how to bake/fry or barbeque. He makes the effort to wrap our purchases into packages of two servings that we can later enjoy with a glass of wine.

There is a wide array of poultry, beef, pork, deli to choose from the meat department butchers who are most obliging to answer our questions on the right portion size for the two of us.

Shannon in the Photo Lab takes my digital images and with her magic fingers develops beautiful 4 by 6 glossy photos in one hour for me to share with friends and family.

My wife sure enjoys browsing in "Joe Fresh" to buy bargain priced clothes for our grandchildrenís birthdays.

After carefully selecting our grocery list with our cart filled we make our way over to the cash registers to pay for our purchases. This is when the fun part starts with mostly the women sorting though their brochures to compare the prices of the different stores. When you show the tellers the flyers they automatically happily adjust the prices to reflect the lower price of the competitors. If the price indicated on the product in the display bins differs from that at the cash register they even give it to you for free.

The cash register tape reflects the points earned to-day which are added to the total for your cash back rewards to be redeemed.

Watching/listening to the customers while they enjoy their shopping experience makes the time spent worth while. The staff make sure that they are accommodating to the needs of their customers and go out of their way to help where ever they can to make the trip enjoyable.

Some people think the raison díetre of business is to make money. Wrong. The purpose of business is to serve the needs of your customers and then you make money. The Super Store sure epitomizes my definition of good services and products and that is why we enjoy shopping there.

Len Lesser

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