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We parents must need lots of help that the province is offering to provide for our children the new sex education curriculum.

I know the how of sex but at my age the why seems to allude me. I was introduced to the anatomy of genitalia when I was a lad of ten. Dorothy, my next door neighbor, who was fourteen at the time played the game of you show me and I will show you. Since I was a young gentlemen I showed her first before she showed me hers. To tell you the truth I was somewhat disappointed: with all the good manners of a girl admonished to sit properly with her dress below the crossed knees I suspected that hers would be huge/ breathtaking but all there was a couple of blemish like apertures. I canít boast that I was gigantic, elephant like, but it sure beat Dorothyís.

I went to University and took sex education classes that were a mandatory part of the physical education studies. I still remember being escorted to the gym with my all male class mates to Thames Hall to take in a video on conception. There it was in black and white: the sperm floating merrily down the Fallopian Tube to be introduced to an egg or two; one of the "jocks" yelled,"go back".

I dated some girls and learned the ins and outs of sex but to tell you the truth I enjoyed pumping iron more.

I got married and found out after a few months of being a newlywed that when you have sex that there are consequences to your actions: what was once fun for a few minutes resulted in Ella getting pregnant that lasted nine long lonely winter months. Strange, as if by magic, I was once again celibate. Two lovely children came along to help fill the void in my life. I quickly learned to feed, bath, and diaper both babies when my wife was working. My children called me mommy/daddy and I used to love it.

My daughter, Sarah, out of the clear blue one evening when she was thirteen asked me: "where did she came from"? I remembered the lessons in my physical education class and started to teach her all about the birds and the bees that I had learned. She reminded me that she knew all about that: she told me that her girlfriend, Mandy, was from Toronto and she wanted to know where she came from. When she was asked to fill in her sex on the school forms she replied, "Not Yet" Sarah figured out all by herself and she is now the proud mother of two girls.

My children must have learned by osmosis all about sex and parenting from their mother along with help from their teachers. I have to admit that I wasnít much help in helping guide them along the right path. Doing what comes naturally seemed to be their motto.

Read about in the papers that parents have issues with the new sex education curriculum. They have decided to keep their children home to keep them away from school hoping to protect them from learning about sex. In my opinion home schooling by parents (mothers) is not in the best interest of their children. For the most part parents are not teachers and have limited knowledge on how to teach. Children who are isolated from their peers do not develop positive social skills on how to interact and learn from other students.

We have had sex since God created Adam and Eve who lived in the mythical Garden of Eden. We have all heard the story of the forbidden fruit of knowledge which some biblical scholars refer to as an apple but in reality it was SEX that screwed up the romantic couple and they were expelled. As the Negro spiritual, in Porgy & Bess teaches us: " It ainít necessary so what is told in the bible."

Parents owe it to their children to lighten up and let them enjoy learning and go to school as a natural right of passage.

Len Lesser

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