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For the past few weeks I have devoted myself to writing about concussions. Athletes who compete in hockey football, rugby, boxing wrestling for the most part can be affected by the contact to their head and suffer the consequences. I have talked of the statistics of concussion leading to strokes and dementia in my columns.

The question now is how one copes with their concussion with their headaches, dizzy spells, lack of sleep and generally feeling not well? When in doubt I hit on Google, " Mayo Clinic and Concussion/Quack Watch, Your guide to Quackery, Health Fraud and Intelligent Decisions."

There is no magic quick cure to Concussions the Mayo Clinic tells us. "Time and patience is the essence of getting better along with medication such as ASA/Tylenol to help alleviate the problem associated with concussions."

Some people seek out Craniosacral Therapy in the hope that it will help alleviate the symptoms of a concussion. CST is a system of alternative medicine intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulation of the skull regarded as harmonizing with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system.

Most practitioners are osteopaths, massage therapists, and chiropractors. CST is a gentle, noninvasive manipulative technique. Seldom does the therapist apply pressure that exceeds five grams or the equivalent of a nickle. I found it very interesting (disturbing) that the clientele included new born babies who the therapist thought could benefit from their gentle touch.

For those who know me I have suffered from scarred hamstrings for many years. Hard to sit down for hours on end when I am counseling. A friend of mine, who is a former Olympic wrestler’ referred me to his cousin who is a CST practitioner who could perhaps help.

Off I went for my first appointment. No medical doctor referral necessary. I discussed my ailments with my therapist who was a former massage therapist and she agreed to help me. I found it somewhat strange that I did not have to strip down to my shorts and socks. Fully clothed, she lightly massaged the back of my head which nearly lulled me off to sleep.

The introductory first appointment lasted all of 90 minutes with a cost of $180.00. If my private insurance covered me for massage therapy my former massage therapist offered to bill her services under massage treatment not CST.

My second hour appointment for more gentle massage therapy would have cost me $120.00.

I have to admit that the gentle massage sure felt nice but the pain in my hamstrings were still there when I sat down. My dilemma that I faced was to continue treatments at $120 per appointment or stretch and realize that my hamstrings are what they are and to suck-it-up.

Amazing that a physical/mental perceived disorder can be helped with some tender loving care. Many cures can be attributed to Psychosomatic magic like cures. No scientific evidence to back up the remedies. You pay the price and hope that natural stuff works as per the glossy web site claims.

Reminds me of my column for the Londoner, " Hair to-day gone to-morrow." I heard of a practitioner who claimed he could grow hair for my thinning bald spot. He rubbed a foul smelling salve to my scalp along with a couple of minutes of Laser beams to my head that cost me $90.00.

After a few treatments my wife, Ella, asked me: what my doctor looked like? I told her that he was as bald as a billiard ball. Ella sure laughed telling me that I was a fool giving my hard earned money to a hustler.

There is a story of an eccentric old women, "Theresa" who went to her Psychiatrist in fear of all of the lions and tigers in Canada. She protected herself by snapping her fingers when she was nervous. The doctor tried in vain to calm the women’s fears telling her that: "there are no lions or tigers on the loose in London."

Never mind the science: Theresa had found her solution to her problem and told the doctor that "eureka, you see it works."

Caveat mentor, let the buyer be aware, when seeking a magic cure for your ailments. Time and patience along with a good attitude can save you a whole lot of time and money.

Len Lesser

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