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Marco Muzzo an admitted 29 year old impaired driver, was responsible for killing four members of one family. Nine year- old Daniele Neville-Lake, his five-year old brother Harrison. their two-year old sister Milly and the children`s 65-year old grandfather, Gary Neville who all died after the van they were driving was T-boned by Muzzo`s SUV when he ran a stop sign last September. He had just arrived home in Toronto in the family corporate jet after a bachelor party in Miami where he had boozed until dawn.

To-day we await his facing the family who he utterly destroyed. There are no words or tears of contrition that can right the wrong that he has committed. Three little children and a grandfather’s innocent lives wiped out in a horrendous needless crash because of Marco`s actions.

He was a rich man`s son ($650 million) who felt he was entitled to drink and drive. I wager in the past that daddy and mommy who were aware of his behaviour were always able to make it right. Marco had offences involving alcohol, speeding and texting in the past. No need to be accountable for Marco; being from an affluent family sure helped to massage away his problems.

I trust the judge takes into account the loss of four lives who were snuffed out leaving no future for the mom, Jennifer and her husband, Edward Lake and grandmother, Neriza Neville with no one to grow old with.

The judge has to convey a very stern message to all who contemplate drinking and driving. If you put your key into the ignition after a few drinks at the restaurant/bar and are apprehended by the police; blow over-the-limit; maim someone that jail time is a viable just alternative. Forget about the points and a fine; when you commit the crime you should think very hard about doing the time.

I fondly remember counselling a young student, Tom Prozowski, who was crippled by a drunken driver while driving his bike in Thame’s Center. He became the Director of the Paraplegic Society of Ontario and toured the schools asking the students to be aware of the severe consequences of drinking and driving.

I sincerely hope that we all can learn a lesson from the Muzzo trial and act in a responsible manner when we go out for a fun evening involving alcohol. Arrange for a cab, a designate a driver, sleep over or if you have to drive; abstain from drinking.

Two families have been torn asunder by a young man who took the life of three members of one family. Marco will be probably be sentenced to ten years in prison; serving three after taking in allowance time off for good behaviour. His time spent in prison will be hard. He is the son of a wealthy parents; he is young and pretty; he picture/story has been featured in the media; convicts hate those who hurt little children.

His mother`s, fiancee`s lives will be forever altered by a single act of negligence I find it amazing what good people do to themselves willingly.

Len Lesser

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