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The Globe & Mailís Sports headline on April 18th, tells how the five time champion scored 60 points in his last game to carry his team on to victory against the Utah Jazz.

Just a few hours after producing a Hollywood-style script to the end of his 20-year career in the NBA Bryant was preparing to go back to the gym to try and stay in tip-top shape.

At 37 years of age Kobe is renowned for his extraordinary work ethic. His competitive days with the Lakerís are over, he is determined to stick to the same gym regime he has followed with such discipline over the years.

"I have to be true to myself and not let my age or retirement from basketball be an end of my way of life. Not staying fit he felt was a " slippery slope." He has done some research from players post-career , and it goes like this. " Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Then itís Oh Oh. were has my fitness level gone".

The most important thing is to get into a routine, to maintain discipline in your life. He has been in a certain routine his whole career and feels that the worst thing an athlete can do is not to have defined goals, purpose in your life. You have to find a routine and get into it and be comfortable with yourself.

Kobe had a crystal-clear sense of purpose during his stellar career with the Lakers to help his team to seven NBA finals and five national titles

His coach, Bryan Scot, at the conclusion of his final game, told reporters he was stunned how Bryant ended his career. " It was incredible: " I have never witnessed anything like it . Kobe put everybody on his back and carried them to victory. It was mind boggling."

Too many of us reflect back on our past efforts and now are comfortable to not self actualize. To be our self but be our best self and be different and follow our own star. We tell ourselves that we used to exercise and lie to ourselves that we do not have the time to go to the gym or take a brisk hour walk home from from work.

The Y is opens at 5.15 in the morning to welcome the line up of swimmers and those who want to practice yoga. But, there are an abundance of false excuses why we do not take ourselves in hand. ĎI do not have the time, too many deadlines to deal with to go to the gymí can take precedence over taking care of my physical/mental health.

Procrastinating our lives away; promising that maybe to-morrow we will attempt to get back in shape but sadly for too many to-morrow never ever comes. Too late we get smart and too soon we feel the worst for wear and are worn out. A friend of mine who is a medical practitioner once told me that if he knew how long he would live he would have taken better care of himself".

The sages teach us that a young man may choose to give up his health for money and affluence. Sadly, an old man will gladly give up all of his wealth to buy back his health but for many it is too late. The mind conveniently forgets but the body sure remembers.

Kobe Bryant is a wonderful role model for us try and emulate in our lives. His good ability, good work ethic, good willpower and the desire to embrace positive change in his life goes way beyond playing basketball. It is the persona of the men/women who takes the time to care for themselves/others and be the best that they can be in life.

Len Lesser

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