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A couple of weeks ago I received in the mail a publication, that spoke negatively of non-whites in our society. "There is no room in the inn for Blacks, Jews or new immigrants to our land."

Do you ignore these false allegations in the hope that we are intelligent enough to discern prejudice in our midst or do we say something? I am not naive enough to believe that people who have been taught to be afraid of people of a different colour or creed will have an open mind to change.

The immigrants to our land have sure changed over the last decade, over half of our new citizens mother language is not English. We have a multi-racial country from brave bright people from all around the world. It is my experience that often times it is brave, bright people who leave their lands to seek out a better life in a far away lands. They bring a diversity of languages, religions and customs that brings a new brotherhood of people to our land. Browns. Blacks, Orientals are blended in with our Red First Nation and the Whites of the British Isles and Europe.

I was most fortunate to have the distinct pleasure to experience the world in capsule form at Saunderís Secondary School . The school has a large contingent of Arab and Native children with representation from the rest of the globe. I have fond memories of the Middle East students teaching me Salem Alechim, peace be unto you and the native kids greeting me with Segolee, how is it going. The Greek children taught me Aferestol, thank you and the Polish youth responded Yak shemesh, how are you.

Without immigration you will never have global consensus. The alternative is more of the same toxic nationalism that leads directly to a toxic planet as each country demands " More for me - who cares about you mentality?

Different closed door societies may remain who they are, but unless they find a sustainable way of life creeping disaster is imminent with the reality of the warming of the earth.

But, a revolution in communications is making it possible for ideas to sweep the world in warp speed time. Every cell phone tower is a neuron in the global nervous system. There are no longer secrets that can be used to enforce ignorance. In a blink of an eye information is spread world wide for all the world to view.

Like it or not the irony is that immigration is salvaging the Canadian way of life. Immigrants have a higher birth rate then whites. They lower the mean age in this country. Without that advantage Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Russia are staring at a shrinking population that is ageing.

With diminished resources, Europeans will have to provide for millions of seniors who have ended their working productive years to help support the economy.

To-day, May 14, 2016 the German government has told the media that they have set aside over a billion dollars to aid the million of recent asylum seekers from the Middle East who have made their way to Germany. Germany has acknowledged that they too have a shrinking population and are in need of a blood transfusion of eager young eager immigrants to help sustain their economy

I am very proud that the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau has invited over 35,000 refugees to live in Canada. They will find in Canadians for the most part a welcome warm reception to live in peace and harmony in their new home where all are welcome.

The times are changing in Canada; Toronto, Vancouver and many other large cities are no longer the bastion for " whites only" designation. Canada is now a beautiful rainbow of colours, religions and ethnic backgrounds that we can all embrace.

Len Lesser

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