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With the tragic news from the United States of too many people taking up arms against their fellow Americans it is nice to be in Canada. It is sure feels good to live in Dorchester/London area. In Canada we not only preach the sanctity and love of our fellow man: we fulfill the promise by how we treat each other every day. Inclusion and not exclusion where all are comfortable to live in peace and harmony.

Recently Dorchester hosted "Art in the Barn" where those who were interested showed their work to appreciative people. Yesterday, Sunday July 18th Ella and I made our yearly pilgrimage to the "Home County Music and Arts Festival" in Victoria Park in London. Hundreds of people from all walks of life, White, Black, Brown and everything in-between enjoyed the country music along with the vendors who showed off their art.

Young people along with seniors with their walkers young mothers and fathers, toddlers sat on the grass for the afternoon and were entertained by talented musicians who happily shared their artistic talent.

As a student of people I took in the demeanor of the people. Lots of smiles and hand holding by all. Many young mothers and fathers held their children in their arms whirling and dancing to the music.

Interesting, that there was not one uniformed police officer in attendance to monitor the activities of the participants. Like the Americans the show goers where sure "packing"; not weapons but folding chairs, lunches and cameras to record the day.

Policing in Canada is sure different then our American neighbours. Our officers are well paid educated men and women who have earned the mutual respect from those who they have promised to protect and serve. Fear and mistrust are not part of the equation to good policing but rather a sense of faith and respect from those who we have given our trust is paramount to good police public relations.

The daily reports of shootings between Black and Whites in the USA is an affront to common decency, I am not sure where it all ends? It makes me want to shout "enough I want to stop the world and get off."

I am happy to live in a community where the police report to the media last week where the crime of the day was "two 18 speed bicycles that were stolen" rather then the senseless death of too many police and the enraged people they are supposed to protect.

At the end of the Home County program the musicians all joined in with the musical refrain "Home" by Canadian Michael Buble " I want to go home." I thank God every day that I am home.

Len Lesser

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