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Of late the swim fashion world has been plagued with women choosing their swimwear. Some Moslem women concerned with their modesty have chosen to cover up when they go to the beach or swimming pool wearing a burkini. It is a full-body swimsuit compared to some mostly young women who choose to bare it all and don a mini-ini-itsi- bikini. In the Y the female swimmers tend to wear one piece swim suits as they fly through the pool.

Most of the problem comes from France and Quebec where the authorities are very upset at women who choose to wear the burkini. In Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedom guarantees a womenís right to wear the burkini. Women should have the right to choose what they wear free of coercion from government.

I still remember when I was at Montcalm Secondary School when the Head of Family Studies complained that two of her grade 10 girls came to school with bare navels. I told the staff to laugh it off and say nothing and the problem would go away. She then demanded the principal, Ray Cook, to issue a ban on the nudity and he obliged by telling all the girls on the morning announcements of the impropriety telling them to make sure they covered up their bare abdomens. The girls listened and laughed and then texted all of their fellow students of the new rules and to show their displeasure by their actions the next day.

Guess what? The girls and their boyfriends came to school au natural with all to see their navels covered only by a very small band aide.

Being a married man to Ella I understands my limitations: I have learned never ever to tell what my good wife what fashions to buy or wear. Like many men I am colour blind and have no sense of mixing or matching. It is simply none of my business or part of our marriage contract that I have sworn to uphold to meddle in my wifeís wardrobe choices.

Reminds me of the tale of a man who comes home from a walk at the beach and complains to his wife of the micro bikinis that the girls were wearing. His wife asked him: what were the men wearing? How should I know was the response because he only focused on the girlís bikinis?

With deadly earthquakes in Italy and suicide bombers in Turkey we should not have the time to spend on womenís swimwear. As long as women have fun at the pool or at the beach and are safe their swimming apparel is only their business.

Len Lesser

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