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Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles for the first time ever Jews and Christians both celebrated on December 25th. Moshe Patrick O'Reilly Junior your day had finally arrived Your father Patrick being a good Irish Catholic made sure that you were baptized. Your mother Sarah being Jewish eight days after you were born had you circumcised. They wanted to keep all the basis covered from the tip of your head all the way down to your tiny little penis.

Congratulations Moshe you are part of the new mix and match generation of Canadians enjoying two religions and two distinct cultures.

On Christmas day the family opened their presents that were placed under the Chanukah bush and in the evening bless the Chanukah candles. Being both Catholic and Jewish there are perks to be enjoyed with gifts galore.

The Christian side of the family get lots of presents on Christmas day but being Jewish Chanukah lasts eight days with lots of books and Chanukah gelt (money) for the children that are chocolates wrapped in foil to resemble Toonies.

Being a celebration there has to be lots of delicious food. Christmas tables are filled with turkey, stuffing and cranberries, apple pie washed down by hot cyder. Jews fill their plates with delicious latkes that are potato pancakes fried in olive oil covered with apple sauce or sour cream followed with many glasses of Mogen David very sweet red wine.

Saturday morning Moshe along with his family went to the shul, ( Or Shalom Synagogue) to celebrate the holidays.. On Sunday morning a family tradition was to visit St Peter's for mass to receive the sacraments of wine and wafers.

Moshe Patrick O'Reily Junior you are doubly blessed to have a warm caring family that happily blends in the essence that makes up your parent's faith embracing inclusion not exclusion where all are welcome to participate.

Peace, Shalom
Len & Ella Lesser

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