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On new years day we visited our friends Syd and Jeanne Greeeberg both in their 90'S who will be been married for 74 wonderful years on February 25th. They have chosen to enjoy their retirement years at the "Windermere on the Mount" in what Syd "calls a five star hotel. Delicious food; hospitable caring staff that treats them like part of an extended family.

Syd and Jeanne graciously offered to share their life's journey with me. At the age of seventeen Syd met and fell in love and asked Jeanne to go steady. To him she was and is the most beautiful women in the world. She laughed at the $6.00 a week apprentice: she was sure that she was destined to be swept off her feet by a wealthy prince charming. Syd prevailed and at the age of twenty he joined the Canadian armed forces. The army granted him a 48 hour pass to marry the girl of his dreams and the rest is history.

After his discharge he went on the road selling ladies apparel .Being a man of fashion and impeccable good taste made him a super salesperson. Syd's territory was Western Ontario and for sixty years he was on the road visiting small town retailers.

Every Friday he made his way home to his love and soon they were blessed with four children, Michael, David, Jeffrey, and Kassie .Their fifth child, Sarah, was a gift from heaven, a Down Syndrome, beautiful girl, who changed their lives for ever. The expanded family moved from Orchard Park to the country were Sarah could have a horse to ride. The farm became the future site of "S.A R I,, Special Ability Riding Institute" that provides therapeutic horseback riding programs for children and adults with disabilities.

Jeanne chose to be a stay at home mom taking care of her family and volunteering her time in the community. "When Syd looks at her he still cries; he is very proud that he married a very talented, wonderful women."

Nine years ago, Syd & Jeanne renewed their vows in front of their friends and family at Or Shalom Synagogue. There was not a dry eye in the sanctuary when they held hands and embraced each other.

The Greenbergs have a few words of advice to all married couples to help nurture and maintain a happy marriage. Here is their recipe: copy it down, memorize and practice daily.

Marriage vows are for ever, there are no ifs or buts. Learn to live with each other and enjoy it. Except the fact that there will be differences of opinion: do not go to bed angry and never forget to kiss before you go to sleep. Support each other and keep family values paramount.

Emphasize your spouse's strengths while acknowledging their weaknesses. Never serve on the same committee or board. One's wealth is measured in health, supportive relative, good friends, not money. Believe in fate. People plan and God laughs.

Mix the ingredients and garnish them with copious amounts of love and laughter and you too can be blessed with a happy fulfilling marriage.

Len Lesser

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