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Recently there was an advertisement from Tiffany & Company. I kid you not :"Resolution 1 Eat healthy don't forget your vitamin C ( and we mean carats of course)" featuring a matched pair of Tiffany Victoria diamond earrings.

I took the time to Google the Tiffany diamond earrings to find out more. When Ella and I got married I bought her a simple gold 10 carat wedding ring. I even bought her a five carat Zircon ring for $50.00 for our 10th anniversary that she refuses to wear.

I digress; lets get back to the treasure I discovered for Ella. "The 1.64 unique carat marquise diamond earrings are set in platinum. The intensity that rivals the star lit night sky."

The diamond earrings are a real " steal" selling for only $9,600. U.S or if you have acceptable credit $461.00 per month for 24 months.

Marilyn Monroe taught our daughters well in the movie, "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds that diamonds are a girl's best friend." Ella has put up with me for 40 plus years and she deserves the best even if I can not afford the monthly payments to buy the jewelry .

At first I thought the add was all about the Vitamin C capsules that Stephen Molnar sells at Shopper's Drugs to help ward off colds or the carrots that Foodland offers up to enhance our salads to help our eyesight: but as usual I was wrong.

As a son of a jeweler I have never valued jewelry having learned that the gold/diamonds have really have little or no value accept as decorative pieces to adorn one's fashionable body.

The mantra from the Debeer's family, who have the world monopoly on diamonds is that: "if he really loves you he would buy you a diamond ring or diamonds are forever" is just hype to get your boyfriend's to spend his hard earned money. Check out any pawnbrokers in London East to pawn your expensive engagement ring and see what little money they will loan you.

Gold and diamonds are not the foundations that couples need to cement their marriage vows, It takes lots of love and patience to make a marriage work.

So you want to know what happened with the Tiffany Diamond earrings purchase.? At the end of the advertisement there was the very sad notice that Tiffany's "may not ship to Canada." I was devastated.

I hope Ella is not too disappointed that I did not buy her the diamond earrings. But, I saved her the hard decisions if/when she should wear her diamond earrings to the Dorchester Post Office, Dorchester Pet & Country store, TD Bank or Home Hardware?

There is the tale of the curse of the Donald Trump 20 carat diamond ring that one should heed. The reality is that Donald comes along with the diamonds.

Ella has something much better then diamonds: she has me, her swans, children/ grandchildren and a place in the country that she loves. Being more romantic I fell in love with Ella the first time I met her. She was more pragmatic telling me that; "she fell in love with the property". I trust that she does not trade in her old dishwasher for a newer model to replace me because I did not buy Tiffany?

Len Lesser is a counselor in Dorchester.

Len Lesser

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