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Reminder to all husbands in Dorchester. Valentine’s day falls on Tuesday February 14th a day set aside to embrace your spouse along with friends and family.

Being able to love and at the same time respect those who you admire is a special social aspect of people who are most fortunate enough to be able to share their emotions. Tears of pleasure and laughter are blessings for all to experience that can help fulfill our lives.

Many people show their love and affection with gifts of red roses, candy and a dinner at an expensive restaurant. Expensive expressions of affection can not replace the simple jesters of kindness and affection for people who really take the time to care. It is not a matter of how much you give that counts but rather the thought that matters. Tiffany Diamond earrings are not necessary gifts to impress.

Preparing a delicious romantic dinner at home with a glass of wine and candles can be more romantic then dinning out with a large group of strangers while waiting an hour to be served.

If each couple contributes 51% to their relationships then true love can continue to flourish and grow over the days, months and years that they are fortunate enough to be together.

Creating your own special Valentine’s day card with your expressions of your love can not be duplicated by a store bought Hallmark Card.

Valentine’s day should be part and parcel of 365 days a year of love and respect to those you encounter every day. Being alive is a gift that we all owe a thank-you to be able to appreciate the present and make plans for the future.

Funny how those who have less seem to be able to enjoy it a lot more. Having the surname Lesser makes me more humble and satisfied with what gifts that I have. More "stuff" would not/can not make us happier. We are content with what we have. People who are most fortunate to have their health and being able to live in Dorchester have the opportunity to live in peace and harmony.


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