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In the morning in Dorchester you can join the line up of cars at "Tim Hortonís" with caffeine deprived customers waiting impatiently for their cup of coffee.

A "Double Double" with two spoons ,32 calories of sugar, along with two creams or if you are in need of a sugar fix a"Four by Four" 64 calories of sugar to start your day. For those who want a refreshing cold drink you can buy a tin of Coke with 140 calories of sugar .

I just finished reading a very disturbing informative book : "The Case against Sugar" by Gary Taubes." " The purpose of the book was to present the case against sugar as the principal cause of chronic diseases that are most likely to kill us, or at least accelerate our early demise, in the twenty- first century."

Stats Canada 2015 numbers has some alarming numbers: 3.4 million Canadians with 9.3% of estimated diabetics with many not knowing that they have the disease. The Municipality of Thames Center in 2015 had 15,877 residents and if you do the math over 1,400 could be affected with Diabetes. Estimated diabetic prevalence shows ani increase of 4 % a year. From 2015- 2025 an estimated 60% of Canadian adults who will be overweight or obese.

Cardiovascular disease linked to low intake of healthy foods claims on average 610,000 lives a year in the United States. It is the leading cause of mortality nationwide accounting for one in four deaths.

The sad facts are that too many of our adults are obese, two thirds are overweight and one in seven are diabetic. As a result of Diabetes many Canadians are plagued with the consequences of Alzheimerís cancer, heart disease, stroke, kidney/liver disease, ulcers, teeth decay and gangrene where the diabetic has their lower limbs amputated. Yet, the prime suspect, sugar, has been treated as a source of harmless pleasure.

For the first time in history we have one third of our children who are overweight or obese. Type 2 Diabetes formerly a disease of the elderly is now prevalent in our children whose life span will be shorter then their parents if there are no changes.

We have always known that sugar was in candy bars, cookies, juice, colas, jams and breakfast cereals but now we have to read the ingredients in peanut butter. salad dressings, canned soups, cold cuts, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, Chinese food, pizza low fat yogurt and bread to discover the amount of sugar content.

The cigarette producers in the US have even added sugar to their "Cancer sticks" to make the smoke seem sweeter to inhale.

Males on average are more consistently likely to have a diagnosis of Diabetes then females. 1: 6 senior males and 1:7 senior females are afflicted with the disease in Canada.

The ravages of Diabetes is now of epidemic proportions in many affluent countries (United States, England, Canada). Interesting that those who live in poor impoverished African countries are not at risk as we are in North America because they eat healthy natural unrefined foods with no sugar additives.

Our First Nation people in Canada have a staggering number, 17.2% living with and trying to cope with the disease. Some epidemic numbers of residents on the reserves have up to 30% who are addicted to sugar and itís dire consequences that await them. When I was working for the "OKT Board of Education" at the Oneida reserve, they had signs over the food displays indicating "No Sugar" or "Sugar" choices for the customers at lunch.

We have finally discovered that tobacco and smoking are injurious to our health, No one smokes just one cigarette a day to stave their craving for Nicotine. Trying to live in moderation with sugar is like unto being a little bit pregnant; we will never know the dire consequences of digesting sugar until people take the time to check out the science and change their way of living

The Mc Guire sisterís musical refrain is scary.: "Sugar in the morning. Sugar at supper time. Sugar in the evening. Sugar is any time. Be my little sugar and love me all of the time".

After reading the book I wanted to inform you, the reader, of the harsh reality of the addiction of consuming sugar. Please take the time to buy/ read the book "The Case Against Sugar." Your families health could depend on what you learn and practice.

Len Lesser is a counsellor in Dorchester.

Len Lesser

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