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Saturday June 4th the people of England faced more senseless violence. Three men who took the law into their own hands and drove a van into a crowd on London Bridge and then attacked innocent people with large knives while they were out for a walk

The too recent Manchester slaughter of young innocent people attending a concert has torn England apart.

Like the Paris killings in France in November 13th hatred seems to have no solutions or end.

There are more then a billion peaceful God fearing law abiding Muslims in the world but a very small minority are featured in the news. "If it bleeds it leads" is the mantra of the media.

All Muslims are not suicide bombers but all suicide bombers seem to be Muslims.

As a student of people I have to ask myself why France and now England have mayhem in their cities? Why do young men take out their anger on innocent people to right a perceived wrong?

Many French people are not alone being xenophobic to people of a different colour or religious faith. British Muslims are among the most deprived people in the England. They comprise less then 5% of the population yet they have the highest rate of unemployment rate then the average.

Almost half of the British Muslim population resides in the bottom 10% for deprivation and poverty.

They face a double penalty-racial and cultural discrimination in trying to enter the labour market.

The very high proportion of the Muslim's in the prison population is 13% two and one half times greater then the 5% who reside in England. 28% of Muslims are faced with social housing,

Yet, a recent study shows that 73% of British Muslims born in England used the word "British" to define their national identity. They are very proud to be British yet society has not reciprocated and made them feel welcome.

Hard for those of you who are born into the majority in London Ontario to understand the plight/anger of those who you perceive are different. White your alright and Brown you can hang around, Black you get- on back and do not make waves.

Well adjusted educated, employed young men do not as a rule want to act out against their fellow countrymen and in the end forfeit their lives. Racism, intolerance and lack of respect for all is a sad breeding ground for violence.

A mobile society is necessary where one is not judged by the colour of their skin, race or religion but for their character that builds bridges between people. We all need a raison d'etre, a reason to be, to look forward with optimism and back without regrets.

Edmund Burke, summed up my sentiments. " Evil will triumph only when good men and women choose to do nothing when they encounter wrong doing."

Having the opportunity to live in London Canada we have a duty to embrace the diversity of others in our society; to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Len Lesser is an education/career counsellor

Len Lesser

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