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June is still the favourite month for many couples who want to get married. After many, many years of engagement and living together the girlís mother has finally got her wish that the boyfriend is finally going to commit.

For the most part men reluctantly want to give up their independence and enter into life long marriage commitment but when faced with the choice of celibacy or marriage they agree to tie the wedding knot.

There are important questions to answer: church or civil ceremony with printed invitations, brideís maids, ushers in attendance, flowers, wedding gown and rented tuxedos, a sit down dinner, open bar or tickets for the alcoholic beverages?

The cost of catering the event at home is quite manageable for the brideís parents. As a rule the groomís parents agree to pick up the tab for some of the cost of the wedding expenses.

Our daughter, Sarah, got married at our farm with a trio of musicians to accompany the swans who graciously dipped in 3/4 time in the pond. Approximately 25 friends and family were in attendance to witness the simple, beautiful wedding and lunch prepared in our kitchen by J.P, "Just Perfect", who was a local caterer.

I agreed to cut the newlyweds a cheque to help with the wedding costs but when asked by Sarah about paying the bills I informed her that : " I did not pay bills", it was her and Jimís responsibility."

Expensive weddings are not necessary ingredients to a happy successful marriage. Make sure that you enjoy your special day so that you can look back for many decades later as the start of your marriage.

Here is our recipe for a happy marriage from Syd and Jeannie who were married for 74 wonderful years. Copy it down, memorize and practice daily.

Marriage vows are for ever, there are no ifs or buts. Learn to live with each other and enjoy it. Except the fact that there will be differences of opinions and never go to bed angry; do not to forget to kiss before you go to sleep. Support each other and keep family values paramount.

Emphasize your spouseís strengths while acknowledging their differences. Oneís wealth is measured in health and not wealth. Funny how those who have less seem to enjoy it a lot more. Believe in fate. People plan and God laughs.

Take the time to mix the ingredients and garnish them with copious amounts of love and laughter and you too can be blessed with a happy fulfilling marriage.

Len Lesser is an education/career counsellor

Len Lesser

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