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Sharon and Ernieís, Apple Land sense of generosity have added so much to Dorchester. I trust that they will enjoy the column?

The apple treeís duty to the world is to provide juicy delicious apples.

It is a unique gift to the world to produce these apples; it must part with them and give them away.

To keep the apples would be against the rules of nature, if you will, because the apple treeís purpose in life is to share itís gifts, which in the case of the tree, happens to be the apples.

However, once it has run out of apples the tree can not start giving away its branches or its roots. For those belong to the apple tree and it must take the time to nurture them. Remember to take very good care of them and tend to them.

It is wrong for others to damage the tree because it will ultimately prevent it from growing and eventually doing itís duty, which is once again to provide juicy delicious apples.

So the apple tree has two duties: it must give away itís apples, and it must protect itís roots. The roots of the apple tree are like capital (money) you put into your bank account.

But, if you have shared all of your interest/dividends and start giving them away your capital, too soon will be depleted of everything you have, and you will no longer able to share your unique gifts to the world.

Having lived in the country you quickly learn that to acquire good water from your well you first have to prime it, put water down into the well. If you waste the life giving precious water it soon evaporates and may never be restored again.

We all can all learn from Nature to take the time to take care of our health and happiness. Sometimes the body and mind do need a rest. Too often a young man or women will sacrifice their health for money and fame. A very rich old man will gladly give up all of his money for his health but sadly it is often too late. The saddest man/women in the Dorchester cemetery is one who lived poor and died rich.

My late uncle, Mickey Lester, who used to sign off his late night CBC radio show, with some wise words for us to heed: "take it easy my friendly, you will last a whole lot longer and finish a whole lot stronger."

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Len Lesser

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