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Dr Greg Wells, PHD has written a concise informative 250 page book on how to "sleep better, eat
better, move better and think better"

As we all know academic achievement can be extremely challenging for many student. For the most
part students have to put in many hours to learn the material and participate in extracurricular activities and try to find quality time with their friends while working part time.

For a student it is easy to burn the candle at both ends and too soon get burned out and exhausted
trying to do it all with perfection. That exhaustion can lead to overuse of caffeine and craving for junk
food to get you through the wee hours of the morning.

Students can do well at their academics, get healthy, and have a great social life. It all starts with
making sure that you sleep consistently. Keep regular hours and aim to get to sleep as early as you
can. Every high school, university/college student should take the opportunity to sleep in on the week-ends an take naps whenever possible.

Make sure that spend the time into making your bedroom dark and cool & cave like, and minimize the use of your mobile devices two hours before you go to bed.

Proper nutrition is the foundation to do well with your academic performance in your life. You brain and your body will thank you for feeding them high- quality food that will enable them to work at their best.

Regular exercise is essential for your physical health, but even more importantly for your mental health. Find something that you enjoy doing and make sure that take the time to schedule it in to your daily regime. Anything that you do for thirty days consistently becomes a positive habit.

Do not play the victim and complain that you do not have the time. As little as 15 minutes a day can relieve your stress level. Walking, jogging, yoga, lifting weights, playing for fun basketball, hockey are
all good. Find a friend or partner to do your workouts with, for motivation.

As a student who is studding hard and pushing your brain to the limit, your mental health should be priority number one. Sadly, far too many students have mental health challenges, and tragedies can be the sad outcome of too much stress while trying to please your parents.

Remember finally to give yourself some time for recovery and regeneration daily, weekly , monthly and yearly. Take a break from your mobile devices. Set aside some time to enjoy every day nature and marvel at the simplicity of the blue skies and birds whose voices give us joy.

Let your mind wander, take a needed break and focus your attention on being happy and healthy.

Please take the time to read the book. It can help guide you to reach your potential what ever that
means for you. Positive change, even 1%,

can help you be yourself but be your best self if you self actualize. Practice them and share them with your family, friends and community.

Len Lesser is an education career counselor in Dorcheste www.career-education.ca

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