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It is the time of year to celebrate Christmas and the New Year 2018. For many people the holidays are very stressful focusing on the monetary values instead of simple acts of kindness to one’s family, friends and community.

We worry that all of the hours that we spend for shopping for stuff to put under the tree may not be quite good enough. Will John/Mary like what we have bought or will they be disappointed once again?

No need to drive to the malls this year and wait in line when all you have to do is go- on- line with your credit card in hand and click and voila the gifts are delivered to your door the very next day. Mom and dad too often spend hundreds of dollars for the latest toys and the young children quickly abandon the expensive gifts to play with the discarded coloured cardboard boxes.

There is the tale of parents who tried in vain to try and please both of their twin teenage daughters to
buy them Christmas presents. Betty was an ardent pessimist and Wendy was the ultimate optimist. The folks bought Betty expensive jewellery and clothes and for Wendy many shovels full of warm horse manure that they thought would suffice.

Christmas morning the folks peaked through the windows into the rooms and there was Betty crying
that: " all of her presents were just cheap junk". Wendy on the other hand with a shovel in hand was having a ball moving the manure to the far side of the room. The expensive presents for Betty did not/could not make her feel appreciated. Wendy was so happy with her gift of a pile of manure telling
her parents: " mom, dad thank you. if there is pile of manure there has to be pony."

Woe are the parents who have taught their children to be pessimists while those who have encouraged their children to be optimists are truly blessed.

There is group home in the area that has a wonderful tradition of Santa’s helpers. Perhaps this year families can emulate anonymous good deeds instead of gifts. Here is how it works; Christmas morning everyone puts their names into a hat along with their prescribed household duties. There are absolutely no monetary gift giving, You select one of the other residents names and their tasks. Wonder of wonder someone takes on the jobs of cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, family room and in the end the house is spic and span. No one divulges who does what and the spirit of Christmas giving lasts thirty days.

In every community there are seniors/widows, widowers who find themselves all alone at Christmas
who would sure appreciate a visit from the neighbors. If the lonely shut- ins are most fortunate they will be invited to share a delicious home made meal with a local family.

This year Ella and I will spend Christmas day at the St Joseph’s Hospitality Center on Dundas Street, East of Adelaide, to help serve a free Christmas dinner to help feed the people of the strip to celebrate Christmas. This year St Joe’s served over 90,000 meals to their guests.

I have taken the time to take "mug shots", Christmas photos, of a photogenic group of diners at the center that I will distribute to them on Christmas day to share with friends and family.

It is not in the receiving of expensive gifts that I have found that counts but rather the joy of the giving
of ourselves. Please take the time/money to contribute to the local food banks/churches, soup kitchens who give a helping hand to those in need of our help.


Len/Ella Lesser, Swans, Sugar and Spice Motik our Poodle.

Len Lesser

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